Sales Calls: How to uncover your prospect’s pain

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If I'm making sales calls and I am calling a prospect, how do I begin the conversation? They don't necessarily know that they have a problem.


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Hi Elizabeth. This is a great question.

It isn’t so much that people don’t know they have a problem; they generally are just focused on the wrong part of the problem…the symptoms rather than the cause.

Think about if you went to your doctor for a headache – you know you have a headache; you aren’t sure of the cause and you want relief.

One way the doctor diagnoses the cause is by asking questions.

It’s the same with your prospective clients.

You start by asking questions about their pain point relative to the services you provide – what is the biggest challenge they face right now?

Why do they feel they are experiencing this problem?

What happens if they don’t find relief from the problem?

And, most importantly, what is their level of desire and commitment to change?

The real key is to ask questions so the person you are speaking with comes to see the issue on their own.

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  1. Hello David,

    After having a successful coaching/consulting career. I had some serious setbacks, personally and medically which caused me to be distracted and I have not ha a paying client now in over 2 years and what was so easy before (marketing and closing the sale) and now I am stuck and trying to get back in the game. I have worked with national organizations. hospitals. healthcare providers. etc. I am a public speaker and had a radio show with a coaching corner segment daily for an hour. I have written articles for publication and making a difference as a coach is my passion, communication is my strong suit in all aspects such as conflict resolution internal marketing . motivational workshops and retreats making it powerful and fun.

    Best Regards.

    • My suggestion Dolores is to move away from this current story and create the reality you want starting today. From what you have written I am getting a strong sense that this story has become a comfort to you, which in turn keeps you in this same place. If you want to change it, then you have to make the decision that you are not going to be a victim. You did it before, its time to do it again. Get on the phone and don’t quit calling until you secure that one paying client. And when you get that one, do it again and again. That is the only way you will be able to shed this tired story. Keep me posted on how it goes.