I’m just not making any money …

This week's question from my portal “The Neagle Code: Directions for Life” comes from an individual who wishes to remain anonymous.


What do you suggest for those who have yet to make any money at all from their business?


This is a question that has popped up often in the past, but I think it’s extremely important for EVERYONE, no matter how much they’ve made in their business. It’s one of THE keys to business success.

You’ve probably heard me talk about the importance of knowing where you are, right? Well, in this case if you’re going to set goals for yourself, it’s important that you get very honest with yourself about where you are right now in your business and your life.

Once you’ve done that, set your first goal. It could be a financial goal, “I’m going to make $1,000.00 this month.”, or it could be a benchmark goal, “I’m going to gain one new client this week.” It really doesn’t matter, as long as you can see yourself attaining the goal.

You must be able to get behind it emotionally for you to truly to EXPECT your DESIRE to manifest. (Remember manifestation is a two part process: desire and expectation.)

After you’ve set your goal, you MUST TAKE ACTION. This is the place that trips up most people. I have many students that tell me they know what they should do, but they just can’t make themselves do it. This place is what I call your blind spot. You know you should be doing something, and yet, you catch yourself on Facebook instead of making sales calls.

Once you’ve taken action, you ADAPT to what happens because of that action, and you remain open to new opportunities.

The cycle then repeats beginning with you setting a new goal, “I’m going to make $2,000.00 this month.”, and pretty soon and in a very short time, you’ve created a successful business.

The time it takes you to build that business depends on how quickly you move through the steps, and how long you allow yourself to flounder around before getting help if you need it.

The great thing about this cycle is that it pertains to new business owners who haven’t made a cent in their business, and it also rings true for entrepreneurs who are already at the 5 or 6 figure mark. It’s the same for everyone. And it’s what I use to help my students achieve their dreams both financially and personally.

So, I guess the question would be; why aren’t you making any money in your business?

Abundance is all around you.

Come on, get going…

People are waiting for you to shine your brilliant light, so what are you resisting?

“Just Believe”,®

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  1. Thank you for this David,

    Blind spots are insideous places that we really do need help from others to see.
    It is good to remember that we will run right into the middle of them with every new challenge. I know I do. It’s not if, but when. Love your comments!

    • Thanks Judy! Not if, but when…so true. It’s how you respond and move through them that makes all the difference. Appreciate the post!

    • Thanks Kelly! Appreciate the post and look forward to seeing you in Las Vegas April 6-9th! It’s going to be great!

  2. David: Thank you for all your teachings – I have been implementing your teachings and little by little I am starting to see changes and money showing up! I can’t wait to learn more in Vegas. PS: I am flying in the front of the plane! Thanks to your teachings!

    • Thanks Sabrina. I look forward to seeing you in Vegas…enjoy yet another flight in the front of the plane!

  3. David,

    Thank you for the incredible guidance these blog posts provide. I have found them very helpful each time.
    I am also learning how to be a great coach with integrity just seeing how you do it. Being yourself and providing answers with simple steps for us to action. Thanks again,


  4. Hi David, I now understand the reason I have not taken action in the past was due to low self-esteem. Once I recognized the true power within I was able to transform this fear of taking action. Then I would focus on WHY I’ve set the goal in the first place and what will happen once that’s accomplished. If there’s a reason, an emotional reason to get going it can shift the fear. Mind you it’s taken a very long time to make that shift, but now I have, I’m excited about the possibilities.

    • That’s great Jules and good for you for recognizing the power you have in that situation. Getting emotions behind your dedicated and committed actions allows for manifestation to take place. Just remember, fear is a lie and is something that we attach to the emotion to keep us from growing. When that arises, continue stepping through those “fears” and you’ll see that the possibilities you refer to are endless!

  5. Desire rises up in all of us with little effort. Some have learned to suppress desire because of a history of painful consequences, but most of us can easily access our desire. I think David brilliantly shines a light on our points of disconnect (as yet another entrepreneur who has a history of failing to make money). We desire, but have internalized the early message of “no”. So the linkage between desire and expectation is difficult for many of us. Internalized messages of unworthiness and “not enough” rise up to weaken the power of expectation. And we remain frustrated by unfulfilled desire.

    If expectation is not the source of disconnect, then the next dam in the river of manifestation is (as David so clearly points out) in the process of taking action. I may desire and I may expect but what fears arise about the consequences of taking action? Everything may change! Better the devil you do know than the devil you don’t. Not true! Who wants devils anyway?!

    Yea though I walk through the Valley of Death (at least within my own mind so filled with fear and frustration), that which I need to support and comfort me is always present. I am surrounded by limitless abundance, and I have only to open my eyes that I may see the truth – which then sets me free.

    I know the devil of not taking action very well, and he is killing me. Like the frog in the slowly heating water, do I choose to boil to death slowly? Or can I jump to safety? After many long years of struggling blindly amidst great mountains of fear and frustration, I choose to stop struggling and just jump. And if that analogy makes you think of “out of the frying pan into the fire”, then I remind you of the phoenix who is renewed and reborn from the fire, to take wing again in the world.

    Off now to “spring ahead” along with my clock into the daylight. Light in extension…

    • Thanks for the post Kathy. As Emerson said, “the thing you give energy too grows” I don’t like to give fear any energy, and while it might be real for you and others you can diminish it’s power by changing your language about what it is. Start to call it a concern instead of a fear. What you call it will then become real. We all have concerns and we have to treat them as such but we don’t have to fear them, which stops so many people. Change your language and suck the energy out of the fear and you’re on your way to expressing those desires.

  6. Thanks for the insight, David. I follow these weekly gems closely. It’s comforting to know that business blindspots are a familiar problem to the more experienced as well as the person beginning their business.

    • You’re very welcome Ann! Happy to shed light on those blindspots and work with individuals to get beyond them. It’s all about growth!

  7. Thank you, David, for reminding us to honestly reassess where we are, not where we think, or pretend we are, but where we are objectively, supported by facts. And what is a better way to face the music if not by counting money I made. So many times I avoid or go mechanically thru uncomfortable, not pleasant, boring parts of my business day. And that is where I can trully get enlightened if I would shift my awareness. Thank you David