What does romance have to do with my success?

This week's question from my portal “The Neagle Code: Directions for Life” comes from an individual who wishes to remain anonymous.


How does a relationship affect our ability to manifest our dreams? Thanks!


If you’re asking the question, you may want to consider that you already know the answer.

If you find yourself making decisions or stopping yourself for fear of what someone else will think or say, then you really need to take a close look at that relationship.

And I think it’s important to for you to understand that no one can hold you down, unless you allow yourself to be held down.

In any healthy relationship, both people should have the room and freedom that they need to foster their own growth. You have a responsibility to yourself to pursue your dreams, and if they don’t agree; they have the option to leave the relationship.

As Vernon Howard so eloquently states, “Behave the way you really are, even if it ends a relationship. Never suppress yourself in an effort to influence, hold, or win someone. When we are unreal, so are our rewards. To say this in another way, never behave the way you think the other person wants you to behave, but in the manner you must. Nothing you really need to do or have ever requires a yielding to a person or custom.”

So to answer your question…

Chances are, if you’re wondering if a relationship is right for you, something has given you the thought that it may not be.

Your relationships will only affect your ability to manifest if you’re not true to yourself.

Mother’s Day is tomorrow, and I know many entrepreneurs who have difficult relationships with their mothers. Take time tomorrow to give gratitude for your mother. Some of the most difficult people we have in our lives are our greatest teachers.

Remember, other people in our lives will mirror us. And in that mirroring is the opportunity for growth.

“Just Believe”,®

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  1. Great answer!
    In this Q and A, the following sentence jumped at me and meant a lot to me.
    “No one can hold you down, unless you ALLOW yourself to be held down.”
    It is easier said than done.
    I think, we must read this every day, ponder and become AWARE of what we are ALLOWING.

    • Very much so Lalitha! If you consider yourself being held down in any situation or circumstance then the only person responsible for that is you. Set boundaries and never allow it to happen…ever! Thanks for the post.

  2. You have mentioned the blind spot several times. Most recently I heard you talk about it at the Breaking Free Live Event in Las Vegas. You said it was right in front of our face. The last day of the event I broke my glasses (luckily had another pair) so further reminder of “What can’t you see?”

    Earlier this week, seemingly out of nowhere, I realized that my entire family had spent a lifetime telling me a lie about who I was and why I had been adopted into the family. I hadn’t been “chosen” as I’d been told but the adoption had been “forced” on my parents.

    The lie was told so frequently that I never saw the truth despite a gazillion clues along the way. (No one meant harm by the lie. Thought they were doing the right thing. The lie was “nice” story.)

    Checked it out with a cousin with whom I’m very close and she was dumbfounded. Couldn’t believe that at least one of us hadn’t seen the truth before if not both of us.

    Cried for two days. Huge relief. Not pissed at all. Just free! And the truth has now answered tons of questions I’ve always had and explained “odd” and “troubling” things that happened.

    Thank you very much! You’ve been the catalyst for this MAJOR breakthrough.

    So my question for your blog is: Once we’ve found the blind spot, what do we do with it?


    • Thanks for the post MaryJo. First thing you need to do is find the gift in the situation. Stop for a moment and consider all the good things that have resulted from this awareness. You are well on your way!