Not a TOTAL failure? Then you’re not scared of success!

This week's question from my portal “The Neagle Code: Directions for Life” comes from an individual who wishes to remain anonymous.


How does one push aside the self sabotage that shows up at every step up? I am extremely intelligent and an expert in my field. I guide people well, and when the time comes for me to take the next step – with all eyes watching and applauding – I stop and walk in another direction, as if I'm shy. Others are speaking and touring and helping people and I am stuck standing in my own mud. I have been doing this “side step” for about 10 yrs now and I will be 50 next yr Feb '12. I am changing many things in my life now, I want to see glorious changes at the age of 50! I know I can do it, I think I need help, a sidekick? I don't know really or I would have done it by now. And yes, I kick myself constantly for not being more at this age.


Thanks for submitting this question.

First, I want to invite you to applaud yourself for what you HAVE accomplished thus far in your life. Let go of the judgment of yourself, so you can see clearly what’s causing this pattern.

If you look to the Laws for the truth, you’ll find that you have created everything in your life, and you’ve created it for a reason.

On the surface, you might ask yourself why you’re afraid of success, but I’m sure you’ve succeeded in many different things before.

Most people don’t really fear success, they fear what success will bring.

Let me give you an example…

A woman (let’s call her Sarah), intellectually wants her business to be a huge success. She wants to help so many people and knows that she can be of service to so many, but yet, she stops herself from doing the things she needs to do. Subconsciously, she’s stopping herself because she knows that if she makes a great deal of money, it will allow her to make some difficult decisions. In Sarah’s case, it would allow her to move away from her family, something she’s wanted to do for a long time. However, Sarah is also very afraid to leave her family because she’s worried they’ll be upset, hurt, or think badly about her.

So her lack of success actually serves her.

It keeps her from having to make a difficult decision.

It enables her to avoid growth, which can be a little scary. Deep down she’s terrified of her family’s reaction if she is successful.

So, in your case, my suggestion is to really think about what you’d be able to do if you did finally step into your greatness. You must get to the bottom of the fear that’s causing you to stop, and then you must walk through that fear.

Sometimes this is really tough to see on your own. It’s difficult to see your blindspot, and that’s why working with a coach is so valuable. With the right questions, you can be led to the core of what’s causing you to stop.

Here’s my gift to you. If you’d like some help with this, my lead coach, Steph Tuss, would be happy to help you through it. Send an email to and she’ll set up an appointment for the two of you to speak.

“Just Believe”,®

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  1. Great point David. Our natural reaction is to want to “push aside” the parts of us that feel like they are holding us back. The best way I have found to deal with this is to discover what “part” of me is holding the fear, then seek to understand and love that “part”. We cannot transform that which we resist. We can only transform that which we love- this includes our shadow “parts”. Seek to deeply understand and care for the sub-conscious part that holds each fear and you are on the path to claiming your full power!

    • That’s great Tom! Fantastic awareness and a technique that definitely works for you. I appreciate you sharing it with us here.

  2. Wow! Loved the title “Not a total failure? Then you’re not afraid of success!” and really loved your suggestion and comments. I’ve never thought of what the REAL fear is on my continuing forward. I get really super good stuff going and then slam on brakes and go to something so I really appreciate your comments. Awesome, David!

    • Thanks Sharon! I appreciate your enthusiasm and your kind words. No more riding those brakes…it’s pedal to the metal! Keep me posted on how that works for you.

  3. Hi David,
    Thank you,
    I have talked with one of your coach,as well part-take in your live web with Beth & Lynn. I received such great info. from all of them. I have been researching and re-focusing my mind.
    Question is:
    It is not about not having the money to invest in myself, but how to exactly manifest the money needed to take action?

    • The truth is Janice the money is already here, it’s just not in your awareness. Once you make the decision to move forward, and in essence burning the ships so there is not opportunity to retreat to perceived safety, then and only then will you get what you want. Manifestation is so much more than just a thought. Making a decision and taking action is the missing component…always! If it were a priority for you, you would already have the money. What is holding you back?

  4. Thanks, David, for a well-timed article. As a marketing coach myself, I am usually able to help other people move through their blocks, but often get stuck on my own. I guess it is not so easy to see our own issues and solutions as clearly as someone else’s. I appreciate your perspective on how and why we may hold ourselves back.

    • Timing is everything Felicia, and it happens perfectly every time. Just remember that as coaches what we are telling our clients is exactly what we ourselves need to hear. Arriving at that awareness allows you to grow to a whole new level. I appreciate the post.