Hit an income plateau? Here’s how you SHATTER it…

This week's question from my portal “The Neagle Code: Directions for Life” comes from an individual who wishes to remain anonymous.


Hi David,

I seem to hit plateaus in my life. I hit a goal and then have a hard time going to my next goal. Last year I did over $300k but for some reason I get comfortable and want to take it to the next level (7 figures) but am having difficulty turning on the motivation and clarity.


Thanks for this question!

Let me answer your question with a question.

Why do you want to hit that 7 figure mark, and EXACTLY how much money do you WANT?

Remember, that the very first stage in creating the life you want is to make a decision.

The first step is to decide EXACTLY what you want (or better).

Your decision should be based on something you're emotionally tied to, something specific you want, and that really pushes you to “feel” your goal.

For example, Joe wants $500,000.00 by September 23rd so that he can buy the house at 567 Random Way, and move closer to his children, so that he can take a more active role in their lives.

Joe is emotionally tied to the money he needs because it will allow him to be closer to his children.

He's made the decision and he's emotionally connected to it. The emotional connection gives Joe a sense of urgency to attain his goal. He knows that the longer he takes to hit his goal, the less time he gets to spend with his children.

This sense of urgency keeps pushing him forward.

What is your sense of urgency to hit the 7 figure mark? What's going to get you out of bed in the morning to do what you need to do to hit that goal?

I have seen many entrepreneurs choose a financial goal out of thin air, and then can't understand why they have never been able to hit that goal.

They don't hit the goal because they are not emotionally connected to it, and there isn't a sense of urgency behind it.

There goals were wishy-washy.

For any entrepreneur reading this, ask yourself the following 3 questions:

1) What exactly do I want? (Make a list and attach a dollar amount to everything on it)

2) Why do I want this? (Be very honest about this)

3) What happens if I don't meet this goal? (This will help you determine how strong your sense of urgency is)

Once you've answered this question, expect to hit the goal, and take action toward this goal EVERYDAY!

“Just Believe”,®

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  1. I have experienced exactly what you have so eloquently expressed on this week’s “gift of wisdom from David.” Thank you for giving so much!

    • You are welcome Victoria! Actions speak louder than words…and a clear goal is vital for moving forward. I appreciate the post.

  2. Wow this is so powerful. I was just fighting this battle within myself. I read Preston Ely’s newsletter speaking about a sense of urgency and I wrote a blog post that I wouldn’t be able to do that but I now stand corrected and realize that if I don’t then I will be living where I am for the rest of my life and I simply refuse to let that happen. My sense of urgency is tied to the emotion that I must be able to move into my own home and give myself the best options that I can. Nothing else will do. Thanks for breaking it down with the 3 questions – simple but not always easy.

    • They are as easy as you want them to be Simone. Thanks for the comment and keep me posted on your development.

  3. Thank you for the reminder to be clear about my goals. It always works every time I am specific, yet I forget to do this sometimes. I am writing down my goals now. I have been so busy preparing a free webinar series that my attention has been there instead. Thank you for this blog! Much appreciation, Andrea

    • You are welcome Andrea. Writing it down and displaying it in a place where you can continually keep it in your awareness does help to keep you grounded and focused on the task at hand. Monitor the the progress and celebrate when you achieve it. You wouldn’t be able to think the thought if the way to get it wasn’t already there.

    • You’re welcome Melody! What was the question? I’d love to hear back from you and see what I can do to further assist.

  4. Yet again, David, THANK YOU. In a quiet space, with a quiet mind this morning as I read this I now know that there truly is nothing else ahead of me that gives me that sense of urgency … simply because I am absolutely DELIGHTED, once again, with my life. The sense of urgency for me comes from saying YES and STEPPING IN to my IDEAS. These ideas require money to actualize so I use the line of credit and then pay it off.
    It simply wouldn’t work the other way around because they’re IDEAS, not BURNING DESIRES (Napoleon Hill’s Think & Grow Rich).
    One day I may have some burning desires come up, but in a peaceful place of such gratitude for EVERYTHING, I “long” for nothing.
    It’s been one helluva ride, David, and I’m enjoying its continuation. I may be on a plateau and stepping into the ideas that come to me may simply be getting me closer and closer to the edge of the plateau where I’ll LEAP again.
    Thank you.

  5. Awesome. Actually, I don’t really need “that” much. I’m always travelling and living in Peru or Thailand is so much cheaper than staying in Canada; and I don’t want a car as it just adds a travel burden. As you said, I had a very vague objective of earning more. Now I have the precise daily income that is necessary to bring me freedom to do what I want when I want. Ironically, that amount is half what I earned when I had a job, but the job didn’t give the freedom I want.

    • That is great Etienne! Freedom is what attracts most individuals to be entrepreneurs in the first place, and it sounds as if you are thriving at it. Enjoy Peru, Thailand, or wherever your next destination brings you. Keep us posted on all your future developments. Here’s to your freedom!