What Super-Powers would a Super-Victim have? (Impossible…)

This week's question from my portal “The Neagle Code: Directions for Life” comes from an individual who wishes to remain anonymous.


How does one pick up after 30 yrs of successful business only to lose everything including wife of 30 years? I have hit the skids and can't seem to get out.


Everything that happens to you in your lifetime has happened because you created it.

You've created all the joyous moments and the painful moments, and you've created it for a reason.

Napolean Hill states in his book, Think and Grow Rich, that opportunity often comes disguised as misfortune or temporary defeat.

Letting go of any resentment you still hold will allow you to see the opportunity, and although what happened feels like a tragedy, the blessing that it brings far outweighs that tragedy.

There is something really big and powerful on the other side of this, and you created the downfall to force your own growth.

Your first step in overcoming the anger and resentment that is keeping you from seeing the opportunity is to take responsibility for the situation.

You can't be powerful and a victim at the same time.

If you stay in the victim mentality, you will only see with the eyes of a victim, and you will be blind to the opportunities that are before you right now.

“Just Believe”,┬«

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  1. David this really hits home. I just closed one of my businesses and lost my dog. Even though I have been a great study of Napoleon Hill, I did not see this myself. We sometimes get caught up in the anger, self pity, resentment, etc. instead of picking our selves up and continuing with our growth. We need to remain positive and continue to seek the opportunities in front of us thru our dreams, vision and goals. Thank you for sharing this.

    • Absolutely Kevin. The ego is very strong and will do what it deems necessary to keep you from moving forward in growth. Best of luck in your future and keep taking committed action to ensure those goals are achieved.

  2. To get out of such a rut you take baby steps one day at a time and know that God put you here on earth for a reason and does not give you anything with which you cannot cope. It is hell for a time, but time is the very thing that helps heal and you have to be very very good to yourself and realise there are a ton of people who have it soooo much worse than you do, so get up and do something about it! Live each day as a very precious gift!

    • Thanks for the comment Wendy. Whether they are baby steps or giant leaps, staying focused and on track is going to bring you closer to your goal. Being grateful is always going to place you in the best position to move forward in faith. Appreciate the post.

  3. Powerful and too true for most people to accept. If we could only fully understand that God is Love and everything that happens is designed to grow us into who we need to be to receive all that He has for us. Thank you for your honesty and clarity.

    • You are welcome Ruth! As long as you understand it that is truly all that matters. Here’s to your growth and future successes!

  4. David’s wisdom that “…you created the downfall to force your own growth” is tough to take, no matter how spiritual we are, but SO right on. (I wrote the quote in my biz journal, where I dump my downfalls and celebrate my successes.) Journaling and self-applied emotional release work can hasten the clearing of grief, loss, and victimization, dear Anonymous Soul, allowing you to quickly step back into your power and see the opportunities. Please know that your fellow entrepreneurs are energetically sending our heartfelt love, healing and support to you.

    • Thanks for the post Colleen. It can be a very tough pill to swallow, but when we become aware that we’re creating everything in our life, we recognize every opportunity that comes our way. Appreciate the comment.