What’s the key to upping my vibration?

This week's question from my portal “The Neagle Code: Directions for Life” comes from an individual who wishes to remain anonymous.


I know that my thoughts and emotions are a key ingredient in manifesting what I want in my life. That being said, I'm wondering if you know a strategy to keep myself at a high vibrational level? I find I get sucked down into the negative more than I'd like.


The true key to joy and happiness is through gratitude. Sounds simple, yes? Just be grateful for everything, and you will live in a state of bliss. Easy…

Let me break it down for you a little more.

The key to joy and happiness is gratitude, BUT, the key to gratitude is to be a master of your thoughts and emotions.

Let me give you an example…

You are driving down the highway and someone is driving exceptionally slow in front of you. You are heading somewhere and really just want to get home from wherever you were.

Now, you have a choice of how to respond to this.

You can choose to be annoyed, irritated, and begin the self talk of, “Why does this always happen to me? Look at this idiot in front of me, someone needs to teach him to drive. I wish this jerk would get over so I can pass him!” At this point you're not feeling very grateful for this experience. And you certainly aren't filled with joy.


You can choose to see this person in front of you as a gift. You can say to yourself, “Maybe I should slow down a bit. It is a beautiful day. Maybe this speed is a link in a chain of events geared toward helping me avoid an accident.” Now you're feeling grateful and probably a little bit joyful as well.

The situation is the same in both scenarios, and you have the power to CHOOSE how you are going to respond to this experience. You have the power to choose to be joyful and happy.

This example can be replayed in ANY event in your life. You always have the power to choose your response. And your response is the key to your positive or negative experience.

THIS TAKES PRACTICE. And sometimes you may even need someone to remind you to stop and think about how you are reacting.

Always remember…God is good all the time.

Just Believe”,®

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  1. Thanks, I think I finally got it. So simple. I put it into practice right away. Just wondering, why did we start then to be annoyed so much in the first place? Kind of weird…

    • Thanks Joseann. Part of the annoyance comes from our ego as a way of keeping control of the situation. When those feelings crop up, use this new found awareness and create an entirely new experience. It’s like exercise; you have to build up to it.

  2. Thank you David for this weeks answer and the person who sent in the question. It was exactly what I needed this Saturday morning. I’ve found myself being dragged into the negativity around me a lot lately. My husband and I stay with my mother in law during our summer months. She is 83 and found out she has Osteoporosis and is on a medication for this. She always thought she was a very healthy women and couldn’t possibly have this. This in turn has put her into a very negative space(definitely not the lady she used to be). Long story short I find myself feeling like a large brick over me a lot of the time. As Beath Davis said to me, on my palm reading, I’m studying her palm reading course. I have a lot of inner anger that is attacking my creativity. Again Thank you for this, I’ve lost the perspective of CHOICE here. That I can take on the negativity or I can do something that uplifts me. This is her matter and not mine.

    • Thank you for sharing Linda. You cannot allow others to dictate your emotions, although it happens to the best of us. Now that you are aware of it, take steps to change the negativity cycle. It is within you to do so.