Ego venom slows, disorients & blinds

This week's question from my portal “The Neagle Code: Directions for Life” comes from an individual who wishes to remain anonymous.


David, I've heard you mention the role the ego plays in stopping you from manifesting. How do I identify if my ego is trying to stop me?


Hi and thanks for your question.

Your ego's sole job is to keep you exactly where you are. Your ego perceives any growth or change as a threat to your survival, and it will immediately begin to bring up fears to control your decision making.

And your ego can be very tricky!

Let me give you an example…

The truth states that if you have a desire, the way to fulfill that desire is already present. Therefore, if you feel a deep desire for something, that desire is coming from Spirit. It's a message being sent to you to help foster your growth and keep you on the path to increased consciousness.

The next thing that happens is your ego recognizes this desire as a threat, and immediately gives you many reasons why you shouldn't take action to achieve your desire. Some reasons your ego will use are:

  • it's not the right time
  • you don't want to travel
  • you don't have enough money
  • you don't deserve it
  • people will laugh at you
  • you will fail and everyone will find out

Because your ego is strong, you believe these excuses, and you stifle your own growth.

You believe the lies your ego is telling you.

So let's go back to the truth.

Spirit does not speak to you through fear. Period.

I'm sure you've heard me teach about manifestation. But let me just remind you that manifestation simply means “becoming aware of what already exists”. To simplify it, you can't want something without it already being present.

And your ego doesn't want you to take action toward your desire because in taking action you grow.

“Just Believe”,®

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  1. Your description of the ego sounds identical to the description of the subconscious mind. Are they one and ther same?

    • Thanks for the post Harlee. The ego is really the personality that dwells withing the subconscious mind. Hope that helps to answer your question.

  2. David, thanks. Just wanted to add to the conversation here. You said, “And your ego doesn’t want you to take action toward your desire because in taking action you grow.” The question is, why does this happen?

    Ego has been getting a bad rap, and mostly it’s because we are unconscious of its value and our ability to consciously and actively partner with it. The ego serves as a necessary bridge between our very young subconscious (age 3-5) who runs all the world activities, bodies, etc. and our Divine, infinite Self. The ego (with an age level of about 8-12) developed because the communications between our so young subconscious and the infinite self broke down. The Ego is an important part of our inner “O’hana.” (Hawaiian for family)

    Ego is powerful and can also be a powerful ally. Yes, it has indeed been a protector of us in the world. And for a long time, the ego has been in charge because we’ve been unconscious, our conscious self asleep at the switch. By learning to train and work with the ego, by not accepting the negative behaviors, is crucial. The ego is trainable. We, consciously, have to say, in effect, “No, we don’t do that any more,” as when anger or jealousy erupts, for example. And repeat it every time that the behavior we don’t desire appears.

    What I’ve experienced in working with the ego is that appreciation goes a long way, because for too long, teachers have been trying to banish it. Not gonna happen. We need the ego as long as we are in a body. So the key is to appreciate it for all its protection over the years, protection that started when we were learning to survive in our early family situations. Now by consciously parenting both our ego and our subconscious, by learning to consciously work with the ego (and subconscious too), love them both and embrace them with appreciation for all the protecting, we will open the door to new, more effective relationships with these inner parts.

    Appreciation, gratitude, love for doing the best it can, thanking it for the good job, and entering into dialogue with it — as if it were a child of age about 8-12 and letting the ego tell you its name as you talk to it — you can turn what seems to be an obstacle-creator into a powerful partner. Creating dialogue and working with the ego is a powerful way to make dramatic shifts and add a new partner to your inner team.

    • Thank you for your contribution Bobbye and I totally agree with you. The function of the Ego is for more life and it’s not bad at all its how it becomes programmed that is either constructive or destructive. If you listen to more of my teachings I explain this in great detail.

      • The questions to my ego that works best (after visualising it as a needy little chatterer who thinks it has good reasons to stop me, block me, “make me see sense”)?

        How would it feel, not to be afraid any more?


        What are you resisting? (The answer to that can be a laugh!)

        I have been working with this, and reading your archives David (you really are good, and I’m not a coach myself) has helped me see that acceptance, questioning, and opening up to even the power of my self that has thwarted me in the past, are all keys to greatness.

        Your teachings have merit far beyond the seven principles, and I bless you for putting them out there so generously. Thank you for being what you are!

  3. Mr David Neagle Sir,
    I,from India,am a great dedicated follower of your teachings and look and respect you
    as mentor though have not attended any seminar of yours.Lately I have downloaded your two calls previews on fast cash injection and what is holding you back.Every day in morning and night I listened to these calls and I have strong feeling that I am reaching a stage that I am able to change old beliefs as I dont allow excuses to prevent me to take action.Last excuse(which I am regretting)was” I dont have money” to attend Miracle of Money as 297$ is Rs 15000(50% of my salary)Wait for next time.
    Neverthless I have promised that I will pass on benfits to people I touch.
    Thanks and Regards

    • Thank you for the post Suresh. I am excited that you shared your transformation and the breaking down of old belief systems to create new ones. Continue studying and you will eventually have all the success your heart desires. Keep me posted on your growth.

  4. that the ego blocks, blinds and sabotages makes a lot of sense. Desire is absolutely the heart and souls way to show the path to follow, If it’s in our heart and gives joy when we think about it coming into our physical reality then go for it. i don’t believe for one second that desire (real desire from the heart) even if it’s small is selfish, or indulgent.
    I follow my heart and always ask to be guided to where i need to be for my growth without trying to direct how it should happen. I am blessed many times that way and will continue to be.
    thank you for your very timely advice. :o)

    • You are welcome BarBaRa. Following your heart is a great barometer for what lies ahead. I appreciate your post.

  5. This advice came at just the right time for me David. I have been wanting to produce my own wedding website for many years but finance stopped me. I manifested the finance in a bizarre way and seized the opportunity. Work was progressing fabulously and then children from the neighbourhood seemed to prefer to play right outside my house than their own; disturbing me all the time. I jump up every 5 minutes to see if they are near my car etc…but now I realise it’s that pesky ego! It doesn’t want me to succeed in my desire to be a successful business woman. Well no more, I say. Thank you for reminding me of the enemy within. Anita in the UK

    • Great awareness Anita! It is that type of distraction that can keep you from achieving what you desire. Next time that situation comes up, stop and check-in with your thoughts and feelings and realize that it is merely your Ego attempting to break your focus. Make it a habit and keep moving forward.

  6. David,
    Thank you for sharing your talent of explaining that which we feel oblivious to or confused by! I love the definition you give for manifesting. Your explanations are very easy for me to understand. Working on the fear pieces surrounding growing bigger than I can currently imagine for me.

    • You are welcome Renee! Congratulations on voicing your work around fear; just remember that fear is a lie and cannot affect you unless you allow it to. I look forward to hearing back on your growth.