The 4 Questions work like magic…

This week's question from my portal “The Neagle Code: Directions for Life” comes from an individual who wishes to remain anonymous.


How do you know when the next step is in front of you, or if it's just the next shiny new thing that's trying to manipulate your time and energy?


Thanks for the question! I know many entreprenuers struggle with this.

First it's important to know if you have a clear cut goal. You can't decide what the next step is if you don't know where you're going to begin with.

If you don't have a goal, set some time aside and get very clear about what you'd like the end result to be.

If you already know what the goal is, ask yourself if there is something that your resisting doing that's keeping you from that goal.

Often times, if there's a subconscious fear in taking action, something shiny will pop up to distract you.

You'll need to be very honest with yourself about this, as your mind will create stories around why you're resisting something.

Let me give you an example:

If your goal is to enroll more clients, and you KNOW your next step is to make sales calls, but instead you sign up for a class to learn how to build a website, you're using the website class as a distraction.

And the insidious thing is that you will have yourself convinced that when you finish the class, you'll magically have those new clients enrolled.

When you really want a clear gauge to help you make a decision, I always recommend that you turn to the FOUR QUESTIONS.

So let's use the example above and run it through using the FOUR QUESTIONS.

1) Is this something I want to be do or have? In the instance of the web class, yes.
2) Is being, doing or having this taking me closer to my goal? In this instance the answer would be no because it would be taking the person farther from it. They already know that the most direct way to enroll clients is to make sales calls.
3) Is being, doing or having this in alignment with Universal Law (more life to all)? Yes
4) Does being, doing or having this violate the rights of others (does it take away someone else's right to choose)? No

The determining factor in using these questions is that you must answer yes to the first three questions, and no to the fourth.

Since the answer to the 2nd question was a no, this person would not choose to take the web class. Instead they would focus on working through their resistance to sales calls.

When experiencing indecision, using the four questions above, will help you see clearly which direction to take.

“Just Believe”,®

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    • Thank you Stephanie. I’m so glad you enjoy the content and congratulations on your up-leveling experience. So, what’s next?

  1. Thanks for answering this question, David! It’s clear to me that I need to be sure that I am taking the next steps rather than letting myself be distracted. I think I’ve been very good at letting myself be distracted way too much lately and very good at making up stories. I need to stop doing that.

    • You’re welcome Vicky. And yes, those stories do not serve you so stay focused and avoid anything that will not take you closer to your goals. Acknowledging it here is a great start, but now it is the time to take action on it.

  2. Thank you David, excellent reminder. And it makes is simpler for me if I combine it in one question with keywords hightlighted: Is this something I WANT to be do or have and it takes me CLOSER to my goal and it is in ALIGNMENT with Universal Law and does it RESPECT the rights of others. The ending I would probably state in positive Thanks again. Mila

  3. Dear David!
    Thanks a lot for your 4 questions – They´re all ready making a great difference to me.

    … As you have been doing for a wile through your newsletters, speaking and other great stuffs which I am so grateful for recieving.

    My company has gone from struggeling for surviving day by day till now working through challenges whith optimism, hope and great connetction to my life with my wife and chrildren.

    Soon i will be working with what I want, giving what ever I need for my familiy and my self.

    I find your philosophy ekstremely positive, giving and spiritual in the best way!

    I am humble about what I learn, and I´m looking forward to the future, and want to give to others the same glorius life spirit containg love, hope and a lot more, that I have recieved from you. It´s an obligation (a nice one!) to give to others, when having recieved what I have!

    I know, that some day I will go all the way from Denmark to The States, and experience you live – I don´t know how and when, but the day and time will come, and I am looking forward to that as well.

    Greatings to all the great people in your team.

    Best wishes from your fan
    Bo Jensen.

    • Greetings to you as well Bo! I look forward to the day you come to the US and join me at a live event. The energy in those venues are very powerful, now you need to take action on your decision to join us and stay focused on the goal. Until then, keep moving forward!

  4. I think these questions are great, but here is where I get stuck. Often, I struggle to know the answers to these questions. Many times I am not sure if the answer is yes or no for one or more of these questions, so I do nothing. Usually I don’t know the answers when my goal is more related to my personal life/relationships rather than business. Do these questions work with relationship goals as well? If so, what do you do if you can’t come up with the answers?

    • Sure Jill, they work in all facets of our decision making. Whether it is personal or business related, these questions form the foundation for advancement. As far as you not being able to come up with the answers, you either get a yes or a no. It really is an answer that shouldn’t require too much thought.

    • Thank you Marcia! They are tried and true; be sure to use them when making decisions moving forward. I appreciate the post.

  5. thank you for great discussions you provide here, how to practice the feel and belief if someone wishes to accelerate his or her skills related to carreer? thank you

    • The fastest way to increase your belief for your career is to create the results that you want as fast as you can and to get a coach to keep your head clear along the journey. Create an environment that will help you stay in an abundant mindset all day long and DO abundant activities. Thanks for the post Ganjar!