My prospects can’t afford me!

This week's question from my portal “The Neagle Code: Directions for Life” comes from an individual who wishes to remain anonymous.


Help! I don't seem to be attracting the people who can afford my programs. I have conversations with them, and just by what they are telling me, I know they can't afford my services. Most of the time I don't even offer what I know they need because I know they can't afford it. How can I attract people who can pay for my services?


Thanks for this question!!

But hold on a second…if you don't ask for the sale, how do you know they can't afford what they need?

You don't have a client problem, you have a sales problem, and the answer is simple…

You need to step into being the expert that you are.

Allow me to explain.

Let's say you have a problem. You're experiencing chest pain. You rush to the doctor and he runs some tests. He discovers that you need open-heart surgery.

He comes back into the room to tell you his recommendation, but he looks at you and determines that you can't afford open-heart surgery.

So instead he clips your toenails and sends you on your way.

That doctor has broken a Universal Law. He has taken away your right to choose.

How does that make you feel? Probably not very good, because you'll have a heart attack without that surgery.

The above scenario isn't much different than what you're doing with the people who are coming to you for help.

You are the expert, and the truth is, if their sense of urgency is high enough, the money will be there.

Don't take away someone's right to choose what's best for them because you've judged that they can't afford what they really need.

“Just Believe”,®

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  1. This is really, really good. I tell my clients a similar message but I love the succinct way you put it and the surgeon analogy, Thanks, David. I will be sharing this.

    • Thanks Amanda. With the doctor analogy, it really is no different when we assume that someone cannot afford our services. When we step into the role of expert, and provide the value, everything opens up and everybody wins. I appreciate the post.

  2. David, this is exactly the biggest idea I got out of our two days in Miami. This one sentence…be the expert you are…will change everything. That’s why you call it a game-changing experience. I have been making this way too complicated. Thanks so much for your insight and support.
    Love, Debi

    • You’re welcome Debi! It certainly was an amazing few days in Miami and a definite sign that great things are yet to come. Congratulations on your decision to “change your game”! I appreciate your comments and look forward to what lies ahead.

  3. David

    Thank you, and the person asking this question, for opening up this topic.

    I can sympathize with the situation, having found myself in it many times too. The people I want to help are, by and large, either struggling in their business, or just starting out. In both cases, they don’t usually appear to have much money to invest. Some do, and that’s great, but most don’t.

    I already use the principle you outlined in your answer, by not pre-judging them. I talk to them, coach them, present the solution that could help them, but the vast majority won’t invest in it, because they tell me they don’t have the money for it.

    From the answer you’ve already given, I’m led to think that the real problem for me is that I’m not helping them to develop a greater sense of urgency to solve the problem. Based on your idea that “if you make the decision, the money must be there”, I need them to have such a sense of urgency that they do make the decision to invest in my program, and then find where the money is. Would that be a fair statement?

    The challenge for me is that pushing them so far feels too much like manipulation, and it seems to cross that fuzzy line from “helping them get what they want and need” to “scaring them into the sale”.

    The coaching products I sell are not even very expensive (around $297 for a mini-program), yet I have a hard time generating enough urgency or clarity to get them to invest.

    My main question then is this: Having gotten past the issue of pre-judging our sales prospects, what can we do to get them actually buy from us, even when they firmly believe they don’t have the money to do so?



    • Nigel, I appreciate you comments here but you have to take a step back and look more closely at the situation. You used the word manipulation in your response, which to me shows a disconnect between your own thinking around the services you provide. Would you buy your products? Would you sign up to coach with someone who offers what you do? The sense of urgency is created in the client because of the value you provide, not a manipulation trick.

      To answer your question, if they don’t have the money, they are not being honest. When I encounter individuals like this in my business I don’t waste my time; they need me more than I need them. Just remember, if you have to drag them in you’ll have to drag them around. Does that sound like an ideal client?

    • Excellent Jacqueline! Asking for the sale is one thing, asking again and again can be the challenging part. You will hear “no” more than you hear “yes”, until you master the art of the sale. Once you do, there is nothing you cannot accomplish! Thanks for the post and for your commitment to embracing the expert role.

  4. David, I just had a client doing the same thing with someone she knew had the money but was afraid to ask what she was worth. I helped her shift her beliefs and she got the money that day. However, I had that experience that all the people who came for my discovery sessions didn’t have the money. I did offer them my program. What I discovered, which might help this person is, I had to shift my consciousness to who I wanted to show up. I kept saying to myself that people can’t afford my services so that is exactly what I drew. I also asked myself, would I pay this for my services. Once I shifted my consciousness that the clients who are a perfect match for my services will show up and got clear on who that is and the experience I wanted with them, things changed. Most of my list I have also can’t afford my services, but you’re right David. I had no money once and wanted to do a program that was $3,000 which I didn’t have. I asked a client that I knew had the money to prepay that amount for a number of sessions and they sent the check. So, when what you have to offer is right for them, they’ll find a way.

    • Absolutely Leah; they will find a way. Flip the story and ask for what you want, always! I appreciate you sharing here and keep me posted on your progress. It sounds like the awareness you have found is merely the tip of the ice berg.

  5. Yeah, that’s a little bit extreme in the non-selling department. You certainly don’t want to make assumptions like that – not only unfair to them, it’s _very_ much so to you. It’s like going in prepared to fail.

    My fees are right there on the website, so if they at least make an inquiry I know up front whether they can “afford” it. Of course, there’s a school of sales thought that advocates gaining their interest one-on-one first, and then laying the investment on them. There’s merit to that, but it’s a bit more work. I note that for the most part David’s fees are up front, so I’m assuming that the way i do it is a good way to go.

    I sometimes offer free consultations (not heavy-duty work, just sort of listening and helping if I can in the moment) just as my way of tithing – it’s a good way to give a little something to the ones who will probably always be too fearful to make an investment, and if it leads them to come back later and hire me, so much the better. That actually hasn’t happened yet, LOL…but it’s a good energy of generosity to put out there. But as long as I’m not attracting paying clients, it’s a way to keep busy. Now, when I do have enough work to keep me busy, it’ll be another story. 😉

    • Thanks for the post Michael. We all run our businesses differently, and it sounds like you choose to share your prices via your site. I on the other hand choose not to because my team and I want to hear directly from the person about their current situation and how we can be of service. It tends to be an extra step, but one we feel is necessary for the core of our business.

      As for the complimentary consultations, be careful that you don’t get taken advantage of. There are plenty of people out there looking for free coaching, and you cannot continue to support yourself with that model. Using it as a lead generation piece or a part of a bonus to a program offer is one thing, but try not to take it much further than that. Generosity is one thing, but giving of your services over and over serves no one, including yourself.

      • Thanks David. The free calls certainly don’t include everything I have to offer, more of a get-acquainted thing to build trust. The other free evaluations I do for my monthly coaching program are similar, but the client’s investment is not specified up front since during the call we together decide the frequency and length of sessions.

        BTW, I once took advantage of one of these complimentary calls from an energy healer who was at the time attempting to specialize in helping entrepreneurs (seems popular nowadays 🙂 ). Her modus was to try and require me to make a commitment without even giving me a clue about what the cost of the program would be. This was so off-putting it actually made me a little bit angry – I felt that she was putting me on the spot and trying to strong-arm me into a sale. Not cool. Is this a common or effective method?

  6. Hi David,

    I agree completely with your statement. However, I am going through the same exact thing as this person. However, clients tell me they simply can’t afford me. I do the sales conversation. I have received training from your live events, as well as some of your colleagues like Adam Urbanski, and Ali Brown. and I also received sales training from a local sales coach in my area to learn how to counteract and probe into common objections. However, when I propopose my already low fee of $ 297 a month for Social Media Management services, a lot of people tell me they can’t afford it, I even offer weekly payment plans, and they still say they would rather pay $ 97 a month or they want to trade services until they see some kind of ROI. So, essentially , I tell them my price, and they tell me they can’t afford it. any suggestions on that?

    • What makes you stand out Nina? There are thousands of people doing exactly what you are doing. You need to seek out the ideal clients who are willing to pay for your services. How do you do that? Simple…raise your prices!

      If you are the expert, then people want to pay expert prices. It may feel like a leap, but this is how you will begin to attract the ideal clients you love to work with! Remember, you are worth it!

  7. This is really good information. I have experienced the same thing when talking to potential clients. They will say things about their money issues and lack there of, and I assume that means they cannot afford my services. I will keep this story in my mind next time Im having a sales conversation. Thanks David!

  8. Love this! I always say sales is a Divine Agreement and you were put together for a reason. You’re part is to determine what solution you should offer and then present it. It is not your job to determine the action they do or don’t take for them. As always thanks for the simple yet powerful insight.

    • You’re welcome Sharon! They wouldn’t be having the conversation with you if there wasn’t some specific reason for it. You designed it, so what are you going to do with it? That is a great way to think when engaging these types of individuals. I appreciate the post.

  9. I’m still wiping away the tears from my eyes from laughing so hard. What a great point to make, David. Thanks for the getting me into the vortex so quickly this morning. Hugs, Kim Eisen

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