I’m just not making any progress…

This week's question from my portal “The Neagle Code: Directions for Life” comes from Kris.


I have been unemployed for the last 6months or so and am trying to redirect my career. I've been doing a lot of soul searching and I come up with great ideas and I start working on them and then, in fear of failure, I find something else. I know I need to focus on one thing but I'm afraid if I spend too much time on the wrong thing, I could fail and have wasted all that time and possibly be out of time and money


Hi Kris and thanks for your question.

The key thing to understand here is that it is your FEAR OF FAILURE that is causing you to stop and find something else.

Let me remind you of something really important.

FEAR IS A LIE. And it is not from Spirit.

Fear is not a message to you from Source that's trying to redirect you or help you course correct. It is from your ego.

And your ego has one goal in mind: To stop you from growing.

You see your ego views growth as a huge threat, and it will go to every length possible to keep you “safe”.

Instead of allowing fear to direct your decisions, I recommend using the following four questions:

1) Is this something I want to be do or have?

2) Is being, doing or having this taking me closer to my goal? (You want a yes here)

3) Is being, doing or having this in alignment with Universal Law (more life to all)?

4) Does being, doing or having this violate the rights of others (does it take away someone else's right to choose)?

The determining factor in using these questions is that you must answer yes to the first three questions, and no to the fourth. When experiencing indecision, using the four questions above will help you see clearly which direction to take without letting fear take the reins in your life.

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“Just Believe”,®

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  1. Thanks David. It’s funny…I tend to look at a lot of reasoning for different choices I make , but after reading your article I realize it really does often come down to this one thing, doesn’t it? The ego’s mission to stop one from growing. The mind can be so cunning – as it will try to convince me that growth is actually taking place. For example, I used to be very unfocused, and I used the excuse that I was “creative” to let that problem take me off course time and time again. But the truth was, my ego was just too threatened to allow me to grow exponentially in a single area of focus….it was always concerned with what might become of me! The learning journey really doesn’t end.

    • It never does Angela; we are forever learning because we are forever growing. When we choose not to grow, we die. Stay on course and see what breakthroughs lie ahead. I appreciate the post.

  2. Sound advice as always, David.

    I have been exactly where Kris is, and my advice is to feel the fear but take action anyway. Also, listening to inspirational audios (such as David’s especially) have really helped me get over a lot of fear.

    • Thanks for the post Stephanie. When it feels like ‘fear’ is stopping you, step back and assess it for the lie it is. Our ego is insidious and will work to keep you stagnant. Breakthroughs happen in those moments of strength…

  3. David, I appreciate the four questions and have used them on several occasions. Today I contemplate whether to continue in my path to run my own HR consulting practice or consider an employment opportunity with a non profit healthcare organization, where I can also make a difference in an underprivileged community. I answer yes to the first 3 questions and no to the last one when I try to decide between the two. Please help me understand. Thank you.

    • Thanks Gwen. The truth is that only you can decide between the two paths you are currently presented with. You have used the four questions to determine whether this is something you should pursue; now you need to make a decision.

    • Hey Gwen, I loved your question, am I right in reading that you got three yesses and a no for both options? In cases like that when faced with the delightful dilemma of having two fantastic options to choose between I look at other values in my life and how well each choice honours those values… If I still get two yesses (What a wonderful ‘problem!’) I see how I might change my question from an ‘or’ question to an ‘and’ question i.e. from “Should I choose working in a non profit or working for myself?” to “How might I work for BOTH the non profit and myself?” or perhaps “What would I like to do first?”

      If you still feel like one of the other is the required choice… consider…. What am I afraid I’ll be loosing out on if I say NO to one option? How do I include that in the other option?

      Best to you and ENJOY your choice!!