Do we have to meditate to manifest?

This week's question from my portal “The Neagle Code: Directions for Life” comes from an individual who wishes to remain anonymous.


Please explain the difference between meditation and manifesting because I am very confused.


Hi and thanks for your question!

Many people confuse manifesting with meditation. Meditation is a practice of consciously choosing to center yourself, to quiet your mind and find inner peace.

Manifestation is very different.

You don't need to meditate to manifest.

Manifestation is the continuous process of creation.

We are constantly manifesting everything in our lives at every moment. Whether it's the pen you write with, the water you drink, the tree outside your window or the money you make; you have manifested it all.

Most of the things in your life you manifest without even being consciously aware that you're doing it.

Where manifestation gets confusing is when people try to consciously manifest something. They think they need to say affirmations, meditate or use their will to create.

The truth is, manifestation starts with a simple idea in our brain. It could be a thought, a feeling or a picture. As soon as that enters into our awareness, our brains begin to “tune in”. And we begin to seek the opportunities to bring our idea into form.

It's very similar to how a radio works. As I sit and write this there are thousands of radio waves around my head. I'm not aware of the music or sounds, because my brain lacks the ability to tune into the frequency. However, if I turn my radio on, all of the sudden I can hear the music. The radio didn't create the music, it just simply found the frequency to bring it into form.

Our brains are like the radio. We don't create things out of thin air. We are constantly seeking to become aware of what already exists, so that we can bring our ideas, thoughts or pictures into form.

We then begin to bring our ideas into form by taking action on the opportunities that are presented to us because we are “tuned in” to the frequency of the idea we want to manifest.

“Just Believe”,ยฎ

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  1. Hi David,
    WELCOME TO MY WORLD! I just manifested you! I have a HUGE passion and a HUGE plan. I am the legal US Rep for two organizations in the Democratic Republic of Congo. One has invited me all expenses paid for face to face meetings and tours of their humanitarian projects;orphanages, schools, empowerment programs for women, clinics. This invitation is for myself and four of my friends? How’s that for manifesting! Do you want to come? I’m serious!
    My plan is this: Orphanages are dependent on the meager donations of individuals and churches usually. I think this is a totally outdated and inadequate paradigm. Through the teachings of Rhonda Byrnes and Tim Ferris I plan to start a location independent Internet Business to support myself whether I’m in Congo or at home. Then I will take on full support of a single orphanage to prove to myself it can be done. Whatever I can do…I can teach. So, I will find qualified individuals who want to learn Internet Marketing…have a heart for orphans and DRC and duplicate this financial support for the second orphanage and the third.
    If you ever need someone to talk about “miracles” manifested in their lives…I’m your girl! Thanks for being the real deal! Fondly & Gratefully, Kathryn

    • Congratulations Kathryn, this is great. You definitely have the passion and now it is just a matter of moving forward with it. I wish you all the luck in this endeavor! Appreciate you sharing this with us.

  2. I always appreciate how you use the radio wave analogy to explain our manifestation capabilities. Thank you David for bringing rhyme and reason to an otherwise complicated concept. Especially for the reminders. It helps to keep it present.

  3. Awesome article and great insights. This brings balance to “The Secret” version of manifesting through visualization while not doing much action. Your explanation makes so much more sense. I see too many people trying to manifest and staying STUCK.

    • Absolutely Etienne; it is about taking action and staying committed to the decision. Getting clear on what manifesting means helps an individual move towards it, but it is in the action where it begins to appear.

  4. Well said as always, David.

    Plenty of people think they are being spiritual by meditating regularly, sometimes hours on end, but they’re broke and even sickly.

    Manifesting is a different way of being and can go with or without meditation. For me, meditation is a quiet time where I listen for guidance from my Higher Power.

  5. Hi, David!

    I was lead to you by Ali Brown’s kind words about you in her Millionaire Protege Club in 2011 and have been following you for just a short amount of time. I am so grateful for your words and teachings as it affirms where I am in the process and I know that the tough work is behind me. I experience many more “my cup runneth over” moments in my daily routine and the joy I get from my business is nothing I have ever experienced.

    I look forward to working with you very soon…

    • As do I Vidette. I appreciate the post and keep us updated on your business progress and how we can be of service.

  6. Hi David

    From my experience meditation does help in manisfesting dreams and desires.
    With meditation you get to stop the inner clutter and focus on what you want. You are calmer and more focused and this helps in manifesting. With visualisation during meditation you get to see, feel and taste what you want. This is easier for it to manifest into reality. I have been doing this for 8 months and the truth is it has worked magic in my life because from where I was to where I am, is amazing! The impossible has become possible and my dreams are now a reality.
    This is just my opinion and experience. I guess different things work for different people.

    • Thanks for the post Leeya. Please understand that I never said that meditation was not important, because it certainly has its place. My point was that you don’t need to meditate in order for manifestation to take place. We are creating everything as we go, so you don’t have to quiet the mind to get that process to start. I appreciate your comment and am happy that you have found something that works for you.