The difference between DEBT and DIAMONDS …

This week's question from my portal “The Neagle Code: Directions for Life” comes from an individual who wishes to remain anonymous.


Hi David,
You've mentioned the law, “If you have a strong enough desire for something, the money MUST be there.” Please say more about how this works. For instance, if I SHOULD manifest enough money to pay off debt, does this mean that I don't DESIRE it enough to manifest the money because it's more of a “should.” Or, in another case, if I really, really desire the $12,000 diamond necklace I saw in a window yesterday, am I likely to manifest the money. And if there is a conflict, as in a “should” and a “desire,” how do I resolve the conflict and do both.
P.S. Love your work.


Thanks for this great question!

Most people aren't excited about paying debt, but that doesn't mean the money isn't there. I recommend paying off your debt AND buying the $12,000.00 necklace.

Your goals should allow you to accomplish ANYTHING you want, and if paying off your debt and purchasing a diamond necklace is what you want, that's the goal you should be setting.

However, you don't need to focus on paying all your debt at once. There's nothing wrong with paying it off in increments. You don't want to make paying off that debt a hardship for yourself, or you'll come to resent it, and that opens up a new problem. Make sure you don't sacrifice everything to pay it off.

The only flip side to your “desire and should” question has to do with shame.

If you have shame around your debt, if you're embarrassed by it, or try to hide it, you will have a difficult time manifesting the money needed to pay it off.


Because how you do anything is how you do everything, and if you're experiencing shame, it will prevent you from doing the things necessary to manifest the money.

So if you can't see that debt is simply a tool and be grateful for it and truly appreciate what it's provided to you, you may want to take a long hard look as to how you actually feel about the debt.

Once you drop the shame and negative feelings around it, you'll be surprised how much easier it will be to manifest the money to pay it off.

“Just Believe”,®

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  1. Hi David
    That was a great question and your view regarding at how we can look at debt and be grateful was a freeing statement. what I like about you is your ability to flip the negative into a positive and this really helps me.


    • Suzan, debt is a tool. Remember that it is keeping everything in flow and allowing you to do great things with each of those transactions. It is important to consider it as a gift, especially because we use it to better ourselves and surround ourselves with the beauty and abundance we desire. That in itself is very freeing indeed.

  2. I relocated for love to a new country in 2003. My goal was to own a home since that time. I sacrificed everything to have it and I still don’t have it. I cut off nearly all my needs so that we could save more. I experience shame. My parents in my homecountry make me feel as I am a worthless woman if I can not motivate my 46 y.o. husband of 13 years to buy a home. I cut of communication with them as it caused arguments between my spouse and I. Arguments don’t solve anything. I am developing a new mindset now. I am 37y.o. and have no time to waist. DAVID, hat could I do to speed things up? Thank you.

    • Beau, if you don’t change the story and drop the shame you will never get what you desire. What are you doing now to work through these situations? You say you are developing a new mindset; what does that look like for you? There has to be action behind your desires to bring them into your life. If you want to speed things up, you must identify what the shame is rooted in and take the necessary steps to move through them. This is your ‘terror barrier’ and you’re ego is not going to let you move past it without a fight. What are you willing to do?

  3. SHAME what a wow moment I have so much shame that I have been caring since birth. thanks for the eye opening. I will stop be ashamed of actions I have take to better my life and have not turned out yet. No shame just being grateful thanks again.

    • You are welcome Char, and congratulations on becoming aware of that. Remain in that state of gratitude and begin to change the story. I appreciate your post.

    • Thank you Andrea! I believe that there are many who can benefit from this information. (Perhaps I’m a bit biased though…LOL!)

  4. DAVID, the shame has been dropped; as I am no longer desperate to please my parents, win their approval and love. In the past I perceived life through their eyes.
    I worked (and still do) on my codependence and self-esteem. What I learned from you is that it is neither my right nor my responsibility to change anyone around me (spouse, parents…). The only person I am in control of is myself. It is my duty to do what is in MY BEST INTEREST. I don’t have clarity of what I should be doing.

    P.S. Yes, there was a courageous action behind my desires. I sold my property in 2003 (to my family) to generate funds toward purchase of a home in a new country with my then new husband. Unfortunately he could not get a mortgage and had no credit history then. There seems to never be a right time/right property for my spouse to buy. It has been going on for sooo long that at this point I resent the subject itself. I feel I should be focusing my energy somewhere else but I don’t know where… I feel like I took an extra long detour and trying to find the right road for me. DAVID, English is not my first language so please excuse my grammar. Thank you.

    • What clarity are you looking for Beau? It sounds to me like you are looking outside of yourself for some EXACT direction. You are saying all the right things, but are you really living and breathing them? You need to figure out what you want in this life and take action to bring that in. That is something that must come from inside of you.

  5. “I am 37y.o. and have no time to waist.”

    It seems to me that you are also carrying a scarcity mindset with regards to time, age, etc – this is unlikely to exist in isolation, because the feeling of “not enough” around time is likely to be sending “not enough” signals in other areas.

    While it’s good to feel a sense of urgency with your goals to avoid procrastination and to keep them feeling real, an unhealthy sense that time is running out and that you’ll have somehow “failed” if you haven’t achieved X, Y and Z by certain ages seems likely to me to negatively impact your acceptance of infinite abundance and the amazing possibilities of your own mind to manifest the things you desire.

    Your house is on its way – but if you keep looking at the calendar and thinking “it’s not here yet, oh no!” then the feeling you are experiencing most strongly is that of lack, and this is the impression you are projecting out into the universe – and getting back more of, as a natural result.

    • Very true Miss C, time is an illusion. All we have is now and judging where we are in a specific time period of our life doesn’t serve us in the least. Beau needs to become more aware of how she voices things, which will come with more work. It’s just like lifting weights; the more you do it the more the muscle memory kicks in.

  6. Dear David,
    I need your input or suggestion . I am a professional living in the west and earning good money .. We recently started a new ‘manufacturing business abroad’ that provides materials for the Construction industry. There is great opportunities/ capacity to make money in this industry though the challenges are huge and enormous which does not really bother me because you get this with every business . The problem is I have considered whether I should leave my current profession and go and sit down with this business myself for about 6 months to 1 year to really ‘kick start the project ‘which has been on for about 2 years but prblem is I have Mortgage , school fees and other Bills to pay and the current level of income being generated from this business is not yet enough to pay my Bills and run myself . So this is a bit of A dilemma for me what do you think/ recommend . Thanks

  7. When I was younger I struggled with my weight, and the number on the scale was a source for shame (sometimes joy) and something that I allowed to hold a great power over me.

    Now that I’m older and am very happy with my weight, it’s my bank account that is a source of shame (sometimes joy) and something that I have allowed to hold a great power over me. Your article helped me to see the connected between shame and how it has simply transferred from one set of numbers to another to perpetuate holding myself small. Aha! Thank you for the wake up call.

    • What do you mean by ‘sometimes joy’ with regards to your bank account Mary? I assume that you have the ability to make money when you want to, which surely would bring you joy. You need to drop the shame and continue growing and stretching into your best self.

  8. Miss C & DAVID,

    I am so grateful for your input. I will print this out and study your comments slowly and thoughtfully. Thank you very much.

  9. my question to the person who wrote in the question would be – how did you get into this amount of debt in the first place – did you spend this money on things that you actually needed or were they things that you thought you wanted but when you actually got them they had no meaning for you – perhaps for some people in society having debt has been presented and remains in their subconscious as a way of continually growing and to not have some debt may mean to them that they have become stagnant since they are not using leverage to gain more than they would without this debt –

    • Thanks for the post Walter. It really doesn’t matter where the debt came from, it is just there. This is not an either/or scenario; you should have what you want when you want it. Whether it was spent on continuing education or on a desired item, you are not meant to struggle. If you are, then there is something inside that is attempting to hold you back. What is it?

  10. “Your goals should allow you to accomplish ANYTHING you want.” That is a shocking statement. ANYTHING is very very big. Very challenging to me. If you say I can, then only I am stopping me.

    Before practicing you, David, I kicked myself for stopping myself even as I worked hard to overcome my inner blocks. Now I am intolerant of my old habit of kicking myself. What a defeatist waste of time and energy that was!