The biggest lie about list-building

This week's question from my portal “The Neagle Code: Directions for Life” comes from Victoria Buckman.  You can find her on the web at


I am building my 1:1 coaching business and want to reach more women. What is the best way to grow my list quickly?


Great question.

First I want to make sure you understand that growing your list quickly is not always the smartest way to build your coaching business.

You really want to grow your list with qualified people who are really interested in what you do.

There are many ways out there currently that promise to build your list quickly, but building a smaller more qualified list is the secret to increasing your income.

It's the difference between building a house out of straw versus building a house of brick.

Quality is the key.

It's always better to have a smaller list of people who are engaged and buying, then a large list of people who rarely open your newsletter.

All that being said, the single most effective way to build a quality list right now is to GET OUT!

Get out of your house, get out from behind your computer and talk to people.

Sponsor events, attend events, speak, create your own workshops or events no matter how small, and start getting your name out there.

Talk to people at the grocery store, gas station and mall. Shake their hand and look them in the eye.

Think of places your target market would frequent and put yourself there.

The more people you meet face to face, the more impact you'll have.

And when those people receive your newsletter, they will read it, because they know you.

You've already had a personal impact on them, and they'll WANT to know what you're offering next!

“Just Believe”,®

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  1. David, besides getting in front of people, there are telesummits, book launches, giveaways, etc., where we could build our lists with qualified people — but they will only accept you if you already have a sizeable list. Based on what you just said, how would you handle that? Thanks for the insight!

    • For sure Tanna, telesummits and launches have the potential to bring larger numbers to your list. However, you cannot control who will eventually promote for you, all you can do is propose the partnership and weigh what each brings to the relationship. The truth here is that if you feel your list is not ‘sizeable’ to approach these people, then what are you going to do now to grow it without those bigger interests? Getting out into your local community and networking is a great place to start…

    • So true Christophe. All too often we get distracted by isolation when what we should be doing is the exact opposite. Getting out, overcoming those fears of rejection and disappointment through speaking to people, is something that you can control. Thanks for the post.

    • Social media is great for building relationships Valerie, but in today’s platforms it seems to be used mainly for a never ending dialogue complete with ‘buy-this’ links and offers. For sure, the conversion potential is there, but only after a trust factor has been established with those in your various circles. I find that providing quality content in these spaces is critical, which is something established over time. Build the trust, encourage growth with your fan base through killer content, and then you can take the next step to getting your products and services out there. In the meantime, getting outside in the world and seeing what is available to you is a great option.

  2. David, one of the things you said that has most impacted me is: “if you have to choose between sharpening your website or selling—go out and sell.” Even when I avoid selling your voice is ringing in my ears.

    I have a question, tho. It seems to me that you advocate coldcalling as the foundation of selling. Isnt that a very inefficient way of finding the right people? To build a list of quality?

    I agree coldcalling is a superb Neagle exercise in manifesting miracles and growing my belief.

    • Thanks for the post Nitsan. I advocate for whatever is going to bring you the clients you want to work with, and often times that is going to be done over the phone. This isn’t inefficient because you are honing your skills with each call you make. Remember, those calls are happening for a reason, and you believe that your products and services are something that can help the people you speak to. As for growing your list, there are countless ways to do this and it is different for everyone. The fact of the matter is that you have to put yourself out there in order to make it happen.

    • That is for sure Odette. When I was starting out we held workshops wherever we could find space, along with selling people into them by picking up the phone book and randomly dialing. If the internet were to stop working tomorrow, would your business continue to grow? Once you learn sales, you can recreate it over and over again regardless of the latest technology available. I appreciate the post.

  3. Hi David – I was referred here by one of your clients. It is very gratifying to hear a “big name” coach such as yourself say that the quality of the list is what counts. Thanks so much for your wisdom and perspective.

  4. David, I can’t begin to tell you how much your article gave me a wake up call. Here I am getting ready to learn all about solo ads because someone told me they had built a list from 0 to 4000 people in a month! The program I will develop will not have to cater to thousands of people. I understand quality VS quantity 😉 I love the idea of getting out! Love your insights, Thank you so much!

    ~ Nathalie