The difference between knowing and being

This week's question from my portal “The Neagle Code: Directions for Life” comes from someone who wishes to remain anonymous.


I understand the concepts of which you and others speak, but understanding them in my head is not the same as feeling them. How do I bring these into my heart/soul/body–internalize them– and REALLY feel them and own them?


What a fantastic question!

I can't tell you how many times I've been teaching someone and they will say, “I know that.”  And yet, the effects of that knowledge are not showing up in their life.

Here is the key:


Let me explain.

There is big difference between consciously understanding something and subconsciously becoming that understanding. In simple terms, you have to live and practice the new knowledge.

Let's say an entrepreneur “knows” that they need to stop hiding behind their computer. They “know” that they need to talk to people. They “know” that they have a fear of rejection, and that's what's stopping them from having sales conversations. They “know” that if anyone judges them, that judgment is about the person judging and has nothing to do with the entrepreneur.

And yet, as the entrepreneur enters the room where they had intended to meet people and engage people in sales conversations, they allow their fear to keep them from speaking to a single person.

They “know” what's happening, but they haven't given themselves a new experience to prove that the fear is a lie. Therefore they haven't created a new pattern and integrated the knowledge. They don't truly KNOW.

The teachings that you consciously learn must become a part of who you are being, and to do that, you must experience them.

“Just Believe”,®

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    • It’s simple Lalitha, do exactly what your ego is telling you not to. You have to become comfortable being UN-comfortable, so whatever that looks like to you then that is the experience you have to give yourself. If you resist, then you will remain in that stuck place. Give it a try and report back.

  1. Great explanation of “knowing” vs “being”, David. Thank YOU!

    There are plenty of things we think we “know”, but if we’re not having a new experience to prove that the fear is a lie, then we truly don’t know. Experience shows what we do or don’t know. Thank you for reminding me of that. You can’t pretend to know if you don’t have the results.

    • That is for sure Tracey! You can’t pretend to know if you don’t have the results… That is priceless! Thanks for the post.

  2. I see it as knowledge is in the mind and understanding is in the heart.
    When it becomes completely apart of your whole soul then it becomes intelligence!!

    • You’re welcome Scott! It really does make sense when you stop and think about where you stop. Appreciate the post.

  3. I really agree with everything said here but, at the end of the article, I really wanted to ask the question: What should the person DO to get the experience that they need to prove to their subconscious that the new teaching is really true? For example, if the entrepreneur is scared of talking to people (and the same thing applies to me, I’m very very shy), and when he approaches people he is scared of being rejected, then wouldn’t his very fear and expectation, and the way he is vibrating that fear and expectation, CAUSE the very thing that he fears to happen, that is, people will reject him?

    • In that moment Serena, you have to push through it. If you continue to let the fear of talking to others rule those situations then you will get the same limited results. If you approach it from a ‘how can I serve this person’ as opposed to from a ‘how can I get from this person,’ then you have completely re-framed the scenario. Try it sometime and see how that feels. BTW, what makes you shy?