Should I Stop Selling During This Crisis?

This week's question from my portal “The Neagle Code: Directions for Life” comes from someone who wishes to remain anonymous. 

Neagle Code Question

Hi David,

I have a business that meets a need during this crisis. I’ve created a new package around my service and have started marketing it on Facebook. I’m not taking advantage of the situation, and I’m not price gouging or being unethical.

What’s happened has totally shocked me.

I have people commenting on my ads and posts and saying horrible things to me becasue I’m selling something right now.

Are they right? Should I just stop? It’s triggered guilt in me…

Neagle Code Answer

This question is an extremely important question to ask.

I have to take a stand and say, “Good for you for charging.”

And here's the reason why.

The more people that can actually continue to participate in our economy, the better.

Our economy is hanging on by a shoe string at the moment.

Part of the reason is that because when major parts of our economy come to a standstill, the situation that caused it to come to a standstill keeps people from working, which means they don't have money coming in.

They can't spend money.

In order for our economy to be healthy, money has to come in from people who are purchasing. They pay money to other individuals and businesses for products and services.

The owner and the employees that are doing the work in that company are then being paid to provide the service and the products to these consumers.

The money they're being paid is so that they can pay their mortgage, they can pay their rent, they can pay for medical assistance. They can pay for their family. They can put their kids in school. They could put clothes on their back. They can feed their families.

It keeps them independent from having to rely on the limited resources that the government is trying to supply people that cannot do that right now.

In my opinion, EVERY business that can should be innovating and trying to find ways to be of service to others during this time.

There is NOTHING wrong with growing your business during a crisis and the growth shaming that you’ve experienced is simply a projection of someone else’s ignorant or dysfunctional belief system.

You are doing a good thing in the situation that we're in right now. We need you to keep operating your business the best that you can in a fair and balanced way for individuals that can afford to pay you.

You're contributing to your personal community.

You're contributing to the country.

You're contributing to the world.

I want to extend a personal invitation to EVERYONE who wants to see the opportunities that are around them right now, and be a part of the solution to our current crisis to join me on Tuesday, April 7th at noon ET as I host a SPECIAL 3-Hour LiveStream Event that I’ve titled, Unwavering Resilience: How to Rise Above Adversity. It’s my sincerest hope to be able to help you see how you can take care of yourselves, your loved ones and your team by innovating and thinking outside the box to help others.




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