Start with small goals to break big habits

This week's question from my portal “The Neagle Code: Directions for Life” comes from Francesca.

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I’ve simply stopped setting goals. I resist even thinking about goals because my pattern is to not follow through. It’s happened so many times, that I think to myself, “Why bother…you’re not going to do it anyway…”

How do I finally break this pattern?

Thanks so much!

Neagle Code Answer

Thanks for the question!

I’m going to skip trying to understand why you’re sabotaging yourself and go right to the solution.

If you’re really committed to changing this, do exactly as I tell you below and sooner rather than later you’ll be on your way to success!

First, start with DAILY goals.

That’s right. We’re not talking about 6 and 12-month goals right now, we’re going to start small and build to strengthen your self-confidence muscle over time.

Tonight before you go to bed, take out your notebook and pen and right down THREE things you MUST accomplish before you go to bed tomorrow.

I recommend that these be income generating “things”, but it’s ultimately up to you. Sometimes it’s best to start REALLY small.

When you wake up tomorrow, put that list in front of you, and DO NOT GO TO BED THAT NIGHT until all 3 of those items are completed.

You must be disciplined here…do not allow yourself to make excuses and DO NOT GO TO BED until you’ve checked those three things off your list.

Do the same thing tomorrow night. Write down three ”things” you need to accomplish the next day, and the next day, don’t go to sleep until all 3 things are accomplished.

Setting these small, yet important, goals are small stair steps to your bigger goal and to developing the discipline, confidence and trust within yourself to succeed in whatever you put your mind to.

Once you master the daily goals, begin setting weekly goals on top of your daily goals!

You’ll gain momentum quickly and break the pattern of not following through.

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