Step One: Decide How Much Money You Want

Seems simple enough doesn’t it?

Step One: Decide how much money you want.

So, why haven’t you done it yet?

Why haven’t you made the decision, with 100% clarity and certainty?

What are you really resisting?

Because this is Step One, and you can’t go around it or avoid it.

Step One is so key that, next month, I’m going to spend two FULL days on this topic with my Mastermind of visionary entrepreneurs.

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Begin today with the exercise detailed in my article below.

And then let me know exactly where you are!

“Just Believe”,

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Master the Cash Injection: Step One

Last time, I started sharing with you a formula for bringing in any amount of money you choose.

I told you that before employing the formula, you must put some faith in the Law of Polarity; that is, you have to be willing to believe that what you want already exists around you.

Today, we’re moving on to step one of the equation.

Step One: Decide How Much Money You Want

Deciding how much money you want sounds simple, but there are several imperative aspects to that decision.

1. First, think about how much money would make a significant difference in your life right now.

2. That amount of money must be real to you. It has to be an amount that you can actually see yourself receiving. (I’ll say more about this later.)

3. Your figure must be exact, down to the penny. That way you can measure what you’re doing and the amount of money that’s coming in.

4. Know why you want that amount of money. Is it for a down payment? A medical bill? Your child’s tuition? If you choose an income goal, for instance, you want to make an additional $20,000 this year, know what you would do with the extra income.

Don’t Rewrite the Equation

Whenever I share this formula, right away some people start skipping the steps. They don’t want to do something because it’s uncomfortable, or they don’t find it inspiring.

If you leave out one of the principles, either in mindset or the practical things you have to do, the process won’t work.

So, follow the formula as I lay it out for you, step by step.

Start Where You Actually Are

I tell my MasterMind members that they have to know two things in order to succeed: they have to know where they are and where they’re going. The most important thing is to know where you are.>

If you can only see yourself receiving $1,000, so be it. That’s where you are. As you’ll find in the following story, the figure you start with is only the beginning.

When my mentor, Bob Proctor, met his wife Linda two decades ago, she was making about $29,000 a year.

She asked him, “Do you really believe that I can increase my income?”

He replied, “What’s the most you’ve ever made?”

When she said it was $29,000, he asked, “Can you see yourself making $100,000?”

She thought for a moment, and then said, honestly, “I really can’t see myself making $100,000.”

Bob backed the number down to $50,000, something she said she could believe in, and that figure became her goal.

Had they started with $100,000, the result I’m about to share with you would never have come to be because Linda couldn’t believe that it was possible for her to receive that much money.

If you choose a figure that’s too high for you to believe in, you send a message of disbelief out into the universe.

That disbelief then controls your perception to see all the things you don’t believe. For instance, you’ll see all the reasons why you can’t get the money. You’ll think the money is not really there, this process doesn’t work or, “Dave is full of baloney.”

When Bob started Linda at $50,000, she could actually see the money in her mind’s eye.

And that same year, she made $499,000.

Why did she make nearly 10 times her target?

Once she started to approach $50,000, her belief that she couldn’t make a lot of money completely shattered, as though it had never existed. Also, her success inspired her to continue expanding.

Believe in Your Number

Like Linda, be honest about where you are.

Believe in your number, love your number, however small it may seem.

Because if you start where you actually are, there is no limit to how far you can go.

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  1. Hi David,

    I am enjoying these messages. I just wrote three figures down this morning…before I got your email. I wrote the number I want in my checking account. The number in my savings account was next. Then the number in my charitable fund.

    What is crystal clear to me this morning is that I want more adventure and fun in my view of building my business to the next level instead of such seriousness, doubt and trepidation about HOW it will all happen!

    I am inspired and eager to see your next posts!


  2. Hi David,

    I find the messages and thoughts very inspiring. One thing bothers me however. I earn my money from here and there. Sometimes it is an unexpected opportunity to do with my field. But I would never call myself an entrepreneur and cannot see myself pursuing an entrepreneur goal or lifestyle. I see myself very much as a “tradesmen” all be it that my “trade” is fairly professional and blue collar. I can visualize the amount I could realistically make in a year but it is capped by the hours I can physically work. How can I overcome this block or hurdle and rid myself of the idea that I am in some way restricted?

    Also looking forward to your future posts!



  3. David,

    Do you believe this strategy can work not just for attracting “monetary wealth” but “relational wealth” too? I have so many friends who seem to attract all the “wrong” type of people into their lives, and I was curious if this philosphy and practice couldn’t be altered to apply to something like “relationships.”

    I absolutely adore your blog, your insights and your belief system! It’s guiltfree, full of hope, down right positive living! The way I believe life is meant to be lived! Well Done and thanks for sharing your amazing gifts and insights with the rest of us out here struggling to find our way!


  4. Hi David,
    This really resonates with me. I completed the steps and now have a number I can believe in and am feeling much more energized.

    Thanks for the advice. Look forward to your next post!

    – Sheila

  5. Hello David

    I think this last ‘directions insight’ is the key I’ve been needing. I so want to do things for my kids that I can’t do right now and my goals were to make a significatn amount of money to be able to do this. But I couldn’t in my heart and had believe in it. Today I am setting a goal to earn $7,000.00 a month. I’ve earned that much before and I can do it again. I can believe in that. That is my goal.
    I am re-energised and inspired.

    Thank you for your posts, your love and your belief

  6. I am listening to my heart to see what charitable needs I can contribute to, to determine my charity number. I will wake with that in my head, and I go on from there.

    I like your straight-forward style. Many times it seems like I can ‘hear’ you in the posts. Other times, I can ‘hear’ you when something is right under my nose and I would have overlooked it without your nudge!
    Thanks for your work.