Still Afraid to Make That Call?

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comes from Dominic.

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Hi David!

I know what I have to do to grow my business, but every time I get the courage to pick up the phone and reach out to someone, fear stops me and I end up allowing myself to get distracted. I don’t know what to do to overcome this. Any suggestions are appreciated.

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Hi Dominic and thanks for your question.

Here’s the truth, the fear isn’t going to go away or decrease unless you step through it.

One of the biggest gifts of being human is that we have the ability to choose.

You can choose to pick up the phone and reach out, or you can choose to let fear be your excuse..

Regardless, it’s your choice.

The great thing about this is that you can start small and build momentum too.

Try setting small goals like speaking to one person today. Don’t let yourself go to sleep tonight without having checked it off your list.

You’ll begin to realize the only thing that makes picking up the phone hard is what’s going on between your two ears, and it will get easier.

Tomorrow, set a goal of speaking to 2 people, and gradually increase your goals as you build your confidence muscle.

Pretty soon that fear will be just a whisper.

But it’s not going to happen unless you CHOOSE to move forward regardless of how it “feels”.

Pick up the phone now, call a prospect and give yourself a fantastic experience!

Just Believe,®
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