How do I change my biz model?

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First and foremost David, I want to thank you for being an invaluable source of knowledge for me. As a fitness nutrition coach, I work with clients within a certain timeline (typically 12 weeks). In most cases, I feel that the people I work with have just begun to make lasting lifestyle changes as the 12 weeks come to an end and I have so much more to offer.

How can I change my model of service to continue to meet the individual needs of my clients? Do I create another package and have them sign up? How about a monthly fee?

Thanks so much!

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You are very welcome Erin. I am happy that my teachings are of value to you.

Thank you for asking the question! If I'm reading this correctly, you are currently offering one package and you are asking how to expand your services so that your clients have a next step to reinforce their learning and not lose the momentum of the progress that they have made and keep growing, as well as grow your business.

There are a number of ways that you can do this.

• Add a one-on-one continuation package to individually get them to the next level of results (maybe intermediate or gold or platinum packages)

• Charge a monthly fee to continue the 12-week program

• Start a membership for a monthly fee for group programs (maybe one for each level of success they've reached)

• Create virtual programs around individual problem areas and sell them as an up-sell

Joint Venture with Yoga or Fitness studios to expand your reach

• Offer cooking classes or group walks or runs to build your community

The ways to do this are only limited by your imagination.

Know what your market wants.

Know what you enjoy doing – how you want to work with your clients and how you can best serve them.

And, know what you are willing to do as well as what you are not willing to do.

But remember…

It all starts with a decision.

Once you make the decision to create something new, you will become aware of the opportunities.

Just Believe,®
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