The Answer is Simple…

What are you resisting?

I ask this question to almost all of my coaching clients.

If we accept that:

1) Your purpose already exists within you;
2) The nature of the universe is abundance;
3) Based on how we think, feel, and act, we can change the course of our entire life;

what causes us to stay stuck in a life that feels unfulfilling?

The answer is simple: resistance.

You stay where you are because you resist these truths.

Take, for instance, money. Money is actually easy to earn, and, once you start earning a lot of money, you’ll realize it is one of the easiest things you’ve ever done. But to reach that point, you need to stop resisting the truth that money is easy to earn.

In other words, you have to get past your subconscious resistance to making a lot of money. Everything I’ve talked about in this article series will help you move past this subconscious resistance.

When you’ve identified what you’re resisting, then you can ask a follow up question.

What am I resisting doing?

These two answers will always be linked.

If you’re resisting success, resisting making a lot of money, then you’ll also be resisting the actions that can lead you to success.

Just answering these two questions will completely change the way you operate in the world. By answering them, and being honest with yourself about what you’re resisting, you will have made a conscious choice to change your life.

I’ve said elsewhere that the most powerful tool humans have is the ability to choose.

Once you choose the sort of life you want to follow, then you will change the direction of your entire life.

Suddenly, all of your energy,
and all of the energy of the universe,
will be flowing in the same direction,
in the direction of your dreams.

From there, you’ll have this momentum helping to channel you in the direction of your purpose.

So, stop resisting and get to work!

Until next time…

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