The Power of Gratitude

This week's question from my portal “The Neagle Code: Directions for Life” comes from someone who wishes to remain anonymous.

Neagle Code Question

Hi David!

I’m getting ready for the Thanksgiving Holiday and am reflecting on all the things I am thankful for. I remembered you did a teaching a year or so ago on the power of gratitude, and while I know it’s “good” to be grateful (my mom taught me that), can you explain why you had said it’s so powerful?

Neagle Code Answer

Great question, and I hope you are having a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday!!

Gratitude is THE one emotion that we experience, and can cause ourselves to experience through practice, that keeps us directly connected to our source of supply in life.

It not only makes us feel good about the blessings we all have in our lives, but can and should be practiced in advance of receiving something we desire.

Here’s an example of what I’m talking about…

Think of something you’d like to

create, have or experience.

Now fill in the blank below.

“I’m so happy and grateful now that I have/am/experiencing _____________________.”

Then allow yourself to feel the emotion of that gratitude as if you’ve already received your desire.

Feel it in your body, and believe that it is happening right now.

Doing this we also combine Gratitude with Faith and Belief that the things and good we desire will come to us.

It demonstrates positive creative expectancy, and when we do that, we can create anything we truly desire in life.

And here’s the great part… don’t just practice gratitude around the holidays.

Make it a daily practice.

Everyday write down 3 things you are grateful for…even if you’re not feeling very grateful for anything, and just see the miracles you’ll create in your life!


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  1. One thing I am always grateful for is these weekly Q&As. I invariably find them both helpful and relevant so thanks for doing them, David.

    • Thank you for the post Andrea. I too am grateful for people like you who look forward to my Neagle Codes since it feeds my passion for leaving people better than when I found them. I practice gratitude every day of my life, even when it is easy to skip it. Remember, you have a choice in how you respond to everything that comes into your awareness. For me, I choose gratitude. Always!

  2. A great way of explaining gratitude and what it actually is – thanks David!

    This concept has usually been extremely confusing for me because I’ve had very negative associations with that word due to an abusive mother often trying to, in a very put-down way, coerce “gratitude” out of me for “the things she does”, throughout much of my childhood and teen years.

    I had a breakthrough insight a couple weeks ago on this as well, while listening to a Brian Tracy program… It was a different way, or perspective, of describing “gratitude”… Brian spoke of how the unhealthy personality looks for the bad and sees the bad all around, and therefore, as a healthy personality, to look for the good. When we look “out there”, what do we tend to notice showing up? The bad? Or the good? Of course It depends on what belief/paradigm filter we look through – it depends on our vibrational state of being. For me, what I’ve tended to notice has been the bad throughout most of my life. And this is something I’ve directly focusing on now to change. So this insight has given me some real clarity on this contrasting pair to focus on to shift my paradigm from one to the other.

    And your quoting the Bob Proctor goal template in context with this idea… and explaining its vibration in the way you did… genuine gratitude is making more sense to me now than it had before.

    My next step seems clear… to begin setting aside time each day, to notice and reflect on what’s wonderful in myself, my life, and the world around me, and feeling wonderful about it… to train genuine gratitude into my vibration.

    • This is really great Patrick; fantastic awareness around your understanding of gratitude. I love that you have a clear plan moving forward to practice these feelings of gratitude and reframe how it shows up in your life. Stick with it, even when it is difficult. That is your subconscious fighting to keep you exactly where you are. It can be as easy as you want it to be. Thank you for the post.