They all laughed at me

This week's question from my portal “The Neagle Code: Directions for Life” comes from someone who wishes to remain anonymous.

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I recently made the mistake of confiding in a good friend about a decision I’d made. I can clearly see how this decision will bring me closer to what I want in life, and I was excited about it. When I told my friend, she laughed at me. It made me feel small and when I left to go home, I felt myself literally shrinking. I’ve been struggling to regain my confidence ever since. I feel really stuck. Any words of advice?

Neagle Code Answer

First let me just say…I know how you feel. I remember confiding in a relative about my decision to go to one of my first seminars. I came back and the first thing he said to me was, “So, are you a millionaire yet?” And laughed. This was someone I looked up to!

Here is what you need to understand…every opportunity that comes into your life offers you a choice: to become more of yourself or to become less.

You either grow into the opportunity or you let it beat you down.

This is true of every opportunity, whether on its face it seems positive or negative.

If you let an opportunity beat you down, you likely fall into a victim mentality, a wounded mentality, and/or an entitled mentality. (Right now, you’re in wounded mentality)

And then the Law of Perpetual Transmutation and its subsidiary, the Reciprocating Law of Spirit, receive that message and send it back to you in kind, so you end up with problems in your life that you don’t want.

However, don’t despair, because you always have the opportunity, through the power of choice, to change your negative circumstances.

Think for a moment about choice.

You can choose to respond to your friend’s comments by second-guessing your decision and staying small, or you can let her laughter propel you forward.

The key here is that YOU have that CHOICE.

That’s because by changing how you’re responding to your circumstances, you are changing the message you are sending to Spirit, as well as changing the choices you’ll make in the future. Therefore, the opportunities that manifest in your life will change as well. It is Law.

I mean let’s be honest…if I had let my relative’s laughter stop me, you wouldn’t be reading this post right now.



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  1. Everything we communicate is about us or relative to us.

    If you tell me your plans and I laugh, it’s because I cannot imagine myself succeeding at such a thing, so how could _you_?

    The advice is sound; I’m simply pointing out a “why” to help alleviate the imagined pain.

    • Definitely projection taking place in that conversation Mike, and the laughter is potentially a sign that they may want what you have. Every person is different, but like I said in the post it is your choice on how you chose to have it affect you. If it’s painful, that is a choice you are making. I was hurt, and I was able to see early on that I chose that hurt, but I also used it as a catalyst to continue driving forward. Not from an ‘I’ll show you’ perspective, but more of a I’ll show ME’ that anything is possible with commitment and hard work. You can’t will this in to existence, you have to get you hands dirty and stay true to what you truly want. Worked out pretty well for me, and can work out for everyone.