What to do when unexpected expenses slump your growth

This week's question from my portal “The Neagle Code: Directions for Life” comes from someone who wishes to remain anonymous.

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I'm beginning to feel a bit jaded about my work/life… it seems like, regardless of how hard I try, I always only have “enough.”

You see, I want more for my life/business and it seems like, every time I make some traction, I have an unexpected expense (i.e. owing more in taxes, car trouble, family emergency, etc.). From what I read, this is an “abundance” or “wealth ceiling” problem.

I doubled my biggest annual income in just three months earlier this year so I started paying down debt, investing in my business, saving more, etc.; but then I had a few unsuccessful months since then, and now I'm worse off than before (although still making ends meet, for the time being). I'm at a loss. Help!

Neagle Code Answer

Hi and thanks so much for your question!

First of all, congratulations on doubling your biggest annual income in just three months!

Based on your question, I do not believe you have an “abundance” or “wealth ceiling” problem.

Looks to me like you may have a focus problem.

Here’s the truth:

You’ll ALWAYS have unexpected expenses. What I’m wondering is what were you focused on as those unexpected expenses began to pile up.

As the car trouble happened, were you focused on the car trouble, or were you focused on hitting your monthly financial goal?

When you experienced a family emergency, were you focused on the emergency or on hitting your financial goal?

The truth is that those unexpected expenses were just distractions created by your sub-conscious mind to keep you from growing.

The key to solving this roller coaster is to continually stay focused on what you want and what actions will take you closer to what you want.

There will always be unexpected expenses, but what’s really important is to master your reaction to them. See them for what they are and DO NOT allow them to take your focus off your goal.

If you need to dedicate time to the distraction, do so during non-work time.

You can break this pattern easily if you’ll stay focused on your goal rather than on the unexpected expense.

Just Believe,®

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  1. David, this really speaks to me. I’m still struggling to recover from being hit by a car as a pedestrian years ago. The head injury is particularly problematic. I experience consistently the same undermining pattern. Now I’m wondering if what
    I experience at this point is my subconscious, rather than the head injury. I have printed out your response and will deeply consider how I can change relative to this matter of focus. Thanks to the writer for expressing the dilemma, and thank you for what you offered.

    • Thank you for the comment Nancy and for sharing your experience with us. I am sorry to hear about your accident. You can’t undo the past, and knowing that you created that in your life is the first step to a greater understanding of the lesson within it. Remember, you are responsible for creating what you want in this life so reflecting on where you want to go will help to bring it closer. That, along with continued and persistent action, will only serve to keep you moving forward. Thanks again for the post.