Where to focus when the unexpected sets you back

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Neagle Code Question

I'm beginning to feel a bit jaded about my work… it seems like regardless of how hard I try, I always only have “enough.”

I really desire more for my life but it seems like every time I make some traction, I also have an unexpected expense (i.e. owing more in taxes, car trouble, family emergency, etc.), and then the next month I make less, and I’m back where I started. Is this a wealth ceiling problem? Can you help me see what’s going on here?

Neagle Code Answer

Hi, and thanks so much for your question!

Based on your question, I do not believe you have a “wealth ceiling” problem.

Looks to me like you may have a focus problem.

Here’s the truth:

You’ll ALWAYS have
unexpected expenses.

What I’m wondering is:

What were you focused on as those
unexpected expenses began to pile up?

As the car trouble happened, were you focused on the car trouble or were you focused on hitting your monthly financial goal?

When you experienced a family emergency, were you focused on the emergency or on hitting your financial goal?

The truth is that those unexpected expenses were just distractions created by your sub-conscious mind to keep you from growing.

The key to solving this roller coaster problem is to continually stay focused on:

1)  What you want


2)  What actions will take you closer to what you want

There will always be unexpected expenses, so set up an “unexpected expenses” bank account, and funnel a percentage of your monthly income into that account. That way, when an expense pops up, you’re “expecting” it and can easily pay for it without it being a distraction.

This will allow you to keep your focus on your goal.

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