What Does Physics Have to Do with My Income?

Over the next couple of months, I’m going to share with you some lessons from You2, by Price Pritchett. Those lessons, based in universal truths, can teach you how to make a quantum leap in your business.

Let me start by saying this: quantum leaps are possible; they happen all the time.

My business makes a quantum leap every year. I go into every new year, thinking, “We are going to make a quantum leap this year.”

From that foundational standpoint, the ideas come. You have to be open to new ideas.

Some of you may be struggling just to fill a room or make the sales that you made in the past, so the idea of a quantum leap sounds implausible. But listen: it isn’t an either/or proposition. Quantum leaps require new strategies and new thinking, but so do these times. If you have to change anyway ~ and you do ~ why not take the opportunity to step up to something bigger?

The Physics of Success

The term “quantum leap” is taken from quantum physics. The most powerful science ever conceived, quantum physics requires a major rethinking of such concepts as time and space and how human consciousness operates.

In order to make a quantum leap, you have to remove from your thinking the idea of time and space.

That’s not easy, because time and space is such a fundamental part of our thinking processes that we don’t even realize it. We use it to measure everything that we do.

Physicists face a similar problem. They can’t measure an atomic particle, such as the electron, unless they focus on it. The particle only exists in a specific location when it’s focused upon. Where is it when it’s not being measured? It exists in a sea of potential, simultaneously everywhere and nowhere.

To comprehend that, consider your peripheral vision. If you focus on one spot, say your computer screen, you can still see other things in your office. They’re blurry, but you can see them.

Not so with the atomic particle, which seems to disappear.

Your quantum leap results operate the same way. You can only grasp them when they’re focused upon. Yet, they still exist in that sea of potential, everywhere and nowhere.

To consider those results, like the physicist, you have to give up the old forms of measurement, be willing to think in new ways.

Here’s the promise, if you’re ready for it.

Right now, in this moment, you can multiply your personal effectiveness and shatter old achievement records.

So far, you haven’t come close to reaching your full potential. No matter how you measure success or define achievement, you have barely scratched the surface of what you can accomplish.

Yet, life is prepared to give you a breakthrough experience. You can live the dream and enjoy a completely different plane of success.

Try this: on a piece of paper write down your financial achievement last year.

Increasing that number by 1 or 2 percent is not a quantum leap. What if you increased it 500 percent?

Are you ready for that?

Are you ready to be the person you are meant to be?

If so, start here: Picture, for a moment, your quantum leap results. Really grasp them with your mind. Then let yourself believe that, like atomic particles, even though you can’t yet measure those results, they exist in a sea of potential, waiting for you.

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  1. David,
    THANK YOU for reminding me of this book. I must have read it over 15 years ago. Now, it’s back in my hands and I can see that it’s chock FULL of powerful wisdom. Gems like this one (which I know you’ve said a lot): “So don’t limit your desires to what you think you ‘can have’ . . . start going after what you ‘want.'”

    I’m looking forward to hearing more of your take on this one!

  2. Thanks for this post! 2009 was my 1st year in business. My only comment/goal is in order to be where I KNOW I can be & Should be, I see making a 1000% increase in my revenues. I can definitely see it and I feel it. This isn’t a far fetched goal. It may be a slight stretch, but VERY realistic! I’m commenting on your post to put it “out there”. Thanks!

  3. Thanks, David, for the great analogy of a quantum leap. The atomic particle comparison really makes a huge increase in earnings seem plausible!

  4. I don’t normally do this but I felt such a strong connection about the message. This year in my business I am doing the quantum leap, I have made the changes to my business and the level of interest has quadrupled which is great, I just now have to exercise patience (not my strongest point)for the bookings to arrive. I know they will. David I’ve nearly worn out the recording I have played it so many times; I find you an inspiration; your messages are so clear and helpful to me and many thousands of others. I can’t remember how I came across you, but I’m so pleased to have found you. I look forward to the next diamond recording.

  5. David,

    Thank you! I just had the most amazing shift . . . I see that the QUALITY of my thinking creates my reality. If I’m willing to consider life in a less linear way, then all kinds of things are possible. Wow!!! 500% increase here I come . . .

  6. WOW! David this was a great article…I love science so I can understand this easily. This information was the missing link for me and by reading this article I realized that my income increased 100% in 2009, check this out with no effort!!! And I can clearly see now that I am ready for the 500% increase this year!!! Hoorey, You rock David.

  7. Hi David! You and I are destined to meet. You are part of my quantum leap as I lean into your words and beleif values to support my own. The thoughts are opening more and more and eachtime I review your messages and recordings I shift. The words resognate with me and I am always eager to pass the information on. It is like a treasure of information with a priceless value. As you shift, I shift. I am under your wing. Thanks for lifting me up!
    Sally Sherwood
    Resistance Trainer
    Belief Strategist
    Just-Leap! Coaching