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This week's question from my portal “The Neagle Code: Directions for Life” comes from someone who wishes to remain anonymous.

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Hi David,

I have a goal that I’m excited about. I can see it in my mind, but when I begin to take action, or even think about taking action, I go into doubt. What is this and how can I push past this limiting belief?


Neagle Code Answer

Great question!

Often when we want to achieve a goal, we focus on the wrong thing.

We focus on the “how” — “How am I going to do it?” — instead of doing the work required to achieve the actual thing.

We look for all the reasons why we can’t do it. We ask questions that don’t help us or move us forward. Or we become focused on what we’re going to “get.”

What we don’t realize is that part of what is controlling our thinking is the idea that, I can’t do it.

This belief has complete dominance over our thinking. It’s our subconscious mind’s way of keeping us stuck, asking questions that aren’t helpful, and never reaching the goal.

The idea itself causes us to focus on the wrong things.

It makes us psychologically look for an answer that doesn’t exist. The idea “I can’t do it” holds us back in paralysis mode…where we ask questions that actually keep us stuck (questions such as, “How do I do it?”)

Years ago when I got sucked through a dam, I was hanging from a tree branch, reflecting on my life.

In that moment, I realized I’d been doing exactly that — I had been letting the idea of “I can’t do it” control my thinking and my life. It ruled nearly everything I did (and didn’t do).

At that point, I didn’t even want much. I just wanted to make enough money to pay my bills and not live in a bad neighborhood.

But part of me believed I couldn’t do any of that. Part of me believed I couldn’t succeed or reach my goal.

I kept looking for an answer that didn’t exist. I thought I needed “something else” in order to make more money…when really, I needed to change my belief about myself.

Begin thinking about how you CAN…make a list…be creative…and open yourself to see opportunities that are around you right now!

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