Why Do I Hesitate When Talking About Money?

This week's question from my portal “The Neagle Code: Directions for Life” comes from someone who wishes to remain anonymous.

Neagle Code Question

Hi David,

I’ve noticed when I’m having sales conversations—when I get to the part where we talk about money—I hesitate. This happens if I perceive that the other person has limitation of what they think they can pay. That’s where I personally have struggled (around money).

When we get to that part of the conversation, I feel a strong urge to offer them less, charge less, or work with them anyway. My unease seems to have two parts—one part is them (and the story they’re telling me). The other part is me (and me buying into their story and believing it). This also happens when I’m working with a client, and midway through, they tell me they can’t afford to continue. How can I work through this piece within myself?

Neagle Code Answer

When you’re interacting with someone on a sales call or even during a coaching call, you have to completely stay out of their story, even if it’s very similar to yours.

You can’t go in their story at all.

You have to refuse to do so.

You need to stay out of it, even if the money issue isn’t a hundred percent cleared up in your own life.

The way you do this is through the idea of obedience. Whatever you’re being “obedient” to becomes the truth in that moment.

Are you being obedient to their story?

Are you being obedient to the truth of abundance?—and that everyone on the planet has the same amount of money, even if they’re not aware of it?

If the person is saying, “I can’t afford this; I don’t have the money,” that’s a secondary issue. It’s not the real problem. The problem is they’re not acknowledging their desire and their deserve-ability so that they have the urgency to actually do it.

Money just becomes the excuse.

If we focus on the excuse, we don’t solve the problem.

What that conveniently does is—it walks both of you into that story and neither one of you makes any progress.

If the client has a desire and urgency to work with you—but not the money—you can work with them on coming up with the payment.

We have people who come to us with the idea of non-payment frequently and Steph or Sarah will work with that individual on, “Okay, so what will you commit to do? How can you bring this money in? What’s going on? What’s causing you to not be able to make the payment?” We’ll try to coach them through whatever problem they’re having, so they can pay it.

If they actually do that work, we’ll continue to work with them.

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