Without faith there is no vision

Often when I teach, I refer to writings from different authors and religions that I’ve studied over the years.

Whenever I do that, I always ask that if I’m quoting something that’s not based on your particular religion — or which doesn’t reflect your understanding of God — then I encourage you to replace whatever terminology I’m using with words you’re comfortable with.

For example, if I say the word “God” and you don’t like that term…replace it with “spirit,” “universe,” “energy,” “the divine,” or whatever word you prefer.

The idea is not for us get blocked or hung up over a particular word…because that prevents us from understanding the deep truth of something.

Instead we need to figure out a way to allow ourselves to hear the higher truth of something — even if the words aren’t what we prefer.

It doesn’t matter to me what religion a person practices, or doesn’t practice.

My intention is to teach people to use universal truths in order to make their life exactly how they want it to be, and to help them fulfill their purpose.

Having said that…here’s a quote I want to share from Proverbs 29:18:

”Where there is no vision, the people will perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he.”

“Vision” means an image you hold in your mind of something you want to create or experience.

“The law” means “universal truths.” (Some people refer to this as “God’s law” or “God’s word.” Again, use whatever terminology you’re comfortable with.)

Without faith (in the laws or universal truths or “God’s word”), you cannot have future visions for yourself.

Without faith, you’ll only have the same vision you’ve previously had (usually a vision that was given to you by someone else)…and which you’ve been following all your life.

When you create a new vision for yourself, you must have faith in it…or it won’t come to fruition.

Faith gives you a vision beyond what you’re currently experiencing.

It lets you believe in something that doesn’t exist yet (i.e, the vision or goal).

In order to go from where you are now…to somewhere that’s absolutely extraordinary…you’ll have to overcome any fear that goes along with that (including any procrastination or complacency).

This requires a different kind of faith — a faith based in deep understanding of universal truths.

Without faith, success is impossible.

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