A common misconception about working two businesses

This week's question from my portal “The Neagle Code: Directions for Life” comes from someone who wishes to remain anonymous.

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Hi David,

For the last 15+ years of my life I have been bouncing back and forth between two completely different businesses in my life. It has kept me stuck and unproductive.

I LOVE both, but I don't have enough hours in a day to build either profession to the success I would like. The end result is that I am confused, tired, and broke.

I know that I need to decide between them. Leave (for good) one of them, and explode the one I choose into a great success.

I have been in this “place” of indecision for several years now…

Help me to understand and see what I am not seeing so I can make the decision that will move me forward into building a satisfying, productive and successful life and career.

Thank you!

Neagle Code Answer


Thanks so much for your question.

You can’t chase two bunnies.

In simple terms, it means that whatever you focus on will grow. What’s happening right now is that you’re splitting your focus, and consequently, neither business is growing.

In your case, I would recommend that you choose one, and focus 90% of your time and energy on building that specific business. When you have that business up, running and successful, you can then hire people to help you expand, so that you can then focus on the other business.

So in essence you’re not saying you won’t build the second business ever, you’re just saying you’re not going to build it NOW.

There is a common misconception that you can only have one desire.

It’s just simply not true.

Many successful entrepreneurs have several loves and several businesses, but they built each one at a time.

I do have to be honest with you about something though. I sense that there is a hidden fear that is causing you to be indecisive.

• Do you doubt your ability to make money in either of these businesses?

• Are you worried what people will think if you choose one over the other?

• Is there something or someone you will need to let go of if you make a decision?

Get very clear on what the underlying fear is, and then make your decision.

Because you’ve changed your mind many times, you’ll have to be extra committed to honor the decision you’ve made and see it through to success.

Your ego may even create situations to get you to change your mind. These situations are merely illusions.

Remember: Because Spirit gave you the desire; Spirit has also given you the way to step into that desire.



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  1. Another reply that really speaks to me! I have so many different avenues I can go in that I have been stuck in indecision – and underearning – pretty much my whole life. Been looking for answers to figure out what’s blocking me (because I suspect there is a block and that if I let it go, the answer will come to me). I’ll use your reply to help me untangle this. And to the writer of this question – thanks for asking! You are not alone!

    • Being in that place of indecision is difficult Janet, and it keeps you from achieving what you truly desire. The hard part for most people is trusting in themselves to make the decision before the result shows up. It won’t show itself until the decision has been made, that’s how it works. It requires faith, belief, and the commitment that you will stop at nothing to make it happen. You can wish it all you want, but that won’t bring it into existence. Good luck, you got this!

  2. Oh, this is fantastic information. I have also struggled with having two completely different businesses. Technically, I’ve kept one a “hobby” so I never felt pulled in two directions as an entrepreneur. I think I consider them both as part of my own odd sense of creative expression.

    That said, this article made me realize that I have stood at a threshold on more than one occasion. I have been at a point where the “main” business is ready to go to the next level and my role would shift into more of thought leader with less involvement. Each time, instead of stepping back, I lean in. Ouch. That’s hard to admit.

    Wonderful wonderful insights, David. Thank you!

    • It is hard to admit Lorraine, but what a powerful insight. I’d suggest you ask yourself what it is you truly want and be honest. That is a great place to start. I appreciate the post.

  3. I love the depth of this answer David! Your explanation of the underlying cause and potential pitfalls is powerful!

    • Thanks Kevin. I’ve seen this a lot in my more than twenty years in growing my own business; sacrificing one business for the other. As I said, you can have both you just need to be smart about how you focus your time. It doesn’t hurt to have the right people around you either! Hope to see you again soon and thanks for the post.

  4. Wow ! Great question and great answer ! I have the same problem with network marketing. I am building a coaching business which I love, but it is hard. And from time to time there will be this MLM “opportunity” that I will be tempted to follow. I am a curious person and I love to discover new ideas but I feel like you just can’t go succesfully after two rabbits. MLM pros are very good at sharing their vision but they care about people only when they are in their business (which I can understand). They will say they are your friend as long as you go to meeting and expand the MLM business, but as soon as you stop you are not a friend anymore, lol. Does anyone else have had hesitations between building their own business or doing MLM ? (please forgive mistakes, I am french)

    • Thanks for the response Frederic. I worked in an MLM for years and it was some of the best sales practice I’ve ever received. You can surely make a go of it, but be aware that another bright shiny object will pop-up to cloud your views and you’ll be on the hunt once again for the next big thing if you are not disciplined. Now, running a successful coaching business AND being active in an MLM is advantageous. It seems to me that its a split focus and you won’t be able to dedicate 100% to each. There are exceptions to every rule, but look within and see what you really want. When you trust your gut it never lies.