Why doesn’t Spirit give us what we really want?

This week's question from my portal “The Neagle Code: Directions for Life” comes from someone who wishes to remain anonymous.

Neagle Code Question

Hi David,

First, I have to admit I’m new to all this “Universal Law Spiritual Stuff,” but most of it makes sense. Here’s where I have a bit of a hiccup:

I’ve heard you teach that God is a loving God and that the main Law that runs through everything is more life. Oh, and also, that God wants more than we want for ourselves.

So why doesn’t Spirit then give us what we really want, rather than the manifestation of the message we’re communicating? That seems MUCH more loving to me…

Thanks so much!

Neagle Code Answer

Ah, yes…I love this question…

The problem is, we were given the power to choose.

In fact, the power to choose is the greatest power that we have.

If Spirit intervened in our choices, we would not have that power.

We would be like children, not the adults we are.

So rather than railing against the Universe for “giving” you debt and bad relationships, exercise your power to choose something different.

Become aware of, and take responsibility for, the messages you’re conveying; and then do the work to align your desires, emotions, and actions, so that you’re sending a clear message to Spirit for the thing you truly want.

If you succeed in doing that, as you follow the other Laws of the Universe, Spirit will give it back to you in physical form like I explained last week.

And you can have the abundant lifestyle you desire.



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  1. I have been in AWE of Mr Neagle for ages. First time stepping up to comment and I HOPE it’s not out of line… I see it like this – if every negative or fearful thought we had manifest itself, we’d be living in a LITERAL hell – the worst-case deal with the pointy tormenting bad-bugs and the misery and wailing, burning in flames, and worse.

    We are not, though!

    Bad as earthly life can get, it’s not eternal torment (and I hope anyone for whom that’s a literal item of faith can see how I’m just drawing a line on what’s in THIS reality of life on earth!).

    So, some degree of filtering must occur, right, some kind of “more life to all, and so we’ll underweight the impacts of bad stuff they think about”?

    JMO! 🙂

    • Thanks for the post Eva and having the courage to step up and comment. I have always taught my students that life is all about personal responsibility. If you accept that both good and bad are on you, then you always have the ability to change something that is not to your liking. In short, YOU are in charge. It is when we turn to embrace the victim role that we suffer that literal hell you refer to. It’s not always going to be rainbows and unicorns, but each day presents you with an opportunity to take committed action to the thing you want. The best thing is, that thing you want can show up in an instant…